Question about Quinine

Hello everything, I have a question about this drug and would greatly appreciate some advise on it.

I am currently doing a methadone detox and right down to 6mg. For the past 5 days I have been given this drug for cramps && RLS. They're telling me it can take up to two weeks for it to work for RLS.

I was taking it at 10pm with my night time meds but the RLS had already kicked in and it takes me hours to eventually fall asleep. They are now going to give me it at 6pm to see it it's a case it's taking longer to kick in and they're thinking that if taken at 6pm, by 10pm it should be working. The thinking is that when I do fall asleep, I stay asleep so they think it does work but just takes hours to kick in. What are peoples opinions on it?

Also, is there any other medication that can help. This is driving me nuts as I know those who have it will understand.

Many thanks x

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  • Sorry for spelling mistakes.

  • Oh my goodness. yet again another doctor who doesnt know enough about RLS. Firstly quinine doesnt work for RLS, years ago doctors prescribed it because they didnt know anything about RLS, and when patients tried to explain their symptoms, doctor thought it was cramps. Also there is a FDA warning on quinine, it can cause health problems. It should only be prescribed these days for malaria. If you have cramps, alot of people seem to find relief by taking magnesium.

  • Hi Elisse just read your link about quinine out to my hubby as he has been taking them nightly for nocturnal cramp for 8 years . Should he seek advice ? Thanks

  • All i can say really is, to see his doctor and tell him/her about the warning of using quinine. See what his doctor says. I would think, safer to try something like magnesium. I am sure after 8 years he is ok. But if it was me, i wouldnt be wanting to take quinine. :)

  • Thanks Elisse

  • Sweetheart after the detox of Quinine, you are going to be in hell getting off the methadone. I took it and went off it cold turkey as it just didn't help and made me lose sleep. It felt like worms were all over me under my skin for a month. Hope you make it through this!!! xxx Mitzi

  • Hi mitzu, how will stopping quinine make a difference to methadone detox? Xlady is not stopping methadone cold turkey but weanimg off

  • Hi yes there are better meds to help deal with restless leg symptoms. Go to for lots of information about rls treatments. Well done for weanimg down onn your methadone it cant be easy x

  • Meant to add yes completely agree with Elisse quinine is not a restless leg treatment

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