Finally I have some clue!

Ive been asking my Dr's for years about this! I physically here and kick so hard I've had several dislocations in my sleep, I've had operations for my knees now so thankfully they stay in place now but I'm constantly tired because even when I am asleep I'm moving and my poor partner gets no sleep either, it feels like some relief though to know I'm not the only one and it is a thing not just me. My Dr has given me amitriptyline but I find its making me twitch more at night, has anyone had any experience with it? Also I found the codydramol I was taking after my op seemed to help me with falling asleep twitching but still flicking and kicking in my sleep anyone had any experience with painkillers helping?

Myself and my poor boyfriend are losing the plot with all the lack of sleep/rest

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  • Hi kittyboo, I am sorry to read your story. Have you visited the RLS-UK website There is a Treatment Section!treating-rls/czj2 and if you scroll down to Medications to Avoid you will see that for many RL sufferers amitriptyline makes the symptoms much worse. There is also a section entitled For Professionals and you may like to draw your GP's attention to this particular part of the website.

  • Great I'll have a look! Thank you :)

  • I can attest to the amitriptyline not being a good thing. I was given it for prevention of migraines many years back, and that is when I found out what RLS is! It was the only med that made my RLS so bad that i really could have jumped out a window. It is a tricyclic antidepressant, and is high up on the "no no" list of RLSer's. IT is one of the worst things 99% of us can take. I know doctors who do not know much about treating RLS think it will help promote sleep, but quite the opposite for most of us. I always speak up when I see Amitriptyline, because it was the worst thing ever for ME.

  • Thank you for letting me know! I thought maybe it was just me and I should persevere but I'll go back to see her again

  • oh! and to your other question, pain meds are usually very helpful for RLS, and they are the only thing I CAN take for my RLS. and, I have tried all meds possible.

  • Hi Kittyboo welcome to the best information you will get on rls ,we all know about the kicking with the legs ,I was on Tramodol they were great until I needed a change now on the patch and very happy ,good luck

  • Kittyboo I agree with Nightdancer on the Amitriptyline. It increased my RLS symptoms, made it 10 x worse, it is a no no for most people with RLS. X

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