Keeping up hope

Jus wondering about ppls experience on meds and the longest period that u hv been pain free....mine was five days...after trying a new hopes got up again that this med change was "the one" only to have those hopes dashed five days later...its hard to stay hopeful wen time and time again nothing helps longterm and docs think its in your head... 

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  • Yes i have noticed they work for a while then they stop. You get all excited these are the ones then after a while your back to square one, mind you they last more than a week for me

  • If you mean the last time I was TOTALLY  pain free  (from any pain not just legs ) I can tell you exactly! !! I was in a tent on a farmers field ,my friend and I has takenthe kids on a week away. At 2 in the morning I woke my friend up to tell her "I can't feel any pain " It was amazing and lasted for about 20 minutes. That was July 11th 1989.Will never forget it x

  • Oh pippins2 i love the way u tell that story...funny and sorry u hvnt had any relief since but how long between rls pain i wonder...

  • The Neupro patch keeps my RLS under control 95% of the time x

  • Is it not amazing how we remember vividly periods of no pain - what the majority of people take for granted.

    I can still remember the first time I took Kratom; for the first time that I could remember in well over 2 decades that I was restlessness and pain free - I even got a little emotional at that!

    Even though I am on a veritable smorgasbord of pills, patches and concoctions to keep things right I always have pain and there is at best a low key restlessness in my spine and legs. 

    That said it has been a hell of a lot worse so I am very grateful for small mercies. I try to be as grateful as I can about everything in my life, (try writing 10 things every morning you are grateful for without repeating for one month). Then when things are bad I can start reminding myself that as bad as things are there are plenty of good things in my life and things will get better, if not the treatments!

    Sorry your going though hell. I'm not sure what way you could take that!! :) 

  • Thanks for ur reply...and yes am very grateful when i am pain free...i feel like such a guinea pig with meds that its hard to keep hope...i hv a strong faith that helps...i write affirmations nearly everyday...i add them to my bedroom wall so they r literally the first thing i see every midnight wen i wake up...

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