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Hi I'm new to the site and have found it very useful reading about other people's experience with RLS. I have had RLS for over a year and went on a course of Pramipexole which caused very unpleasant side effects. I have since been changed to Ropinerole and am finding that I still get similar side effects. I have seen that certain medications trigger RLS, one of them being Amitripline which I was prescribed but have stopped taking. The other medication I have discovered is blood pressure tablets, I have been taking a calcium channel blocker medication for a couple of years and was concerned that this was the trigger for my RLS.

Has any one else experienced this also?

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  • Hi Murph. I have struggled greatly with RLS for many years. The first time it happened was in 2001 with amitriptyline. It was ok until we increased it to 150mgs - I had leg spasms and jerking all night long. I went back down to 100mg and it was gone. It seems that RLS can be seriously aggravated by many medicines and can have a different effect on different people. Stay strong and hopefully we can find more answers in the near future.

  • Murph the main categories of meds that trigger RLS are antidepressants,(with the exception of Wellbutrin and Trazadone ) antihistamines ( with the exception of Clarytin and Alllgra ) and anti sickness (with the exception of Zofran and for some Domperidone ). There are exeptions of course.

  • Yes, even the NHS think C-channel blockers can be a trigger. See:


    Amlodipine is the usual one.

    I should see your doc. about this. I stopped it some years ago, but as usual with RLS, it is difficult to be definitive about the effects.

  • Hi, thanks for your reply, I have been on Amylodipine for about 3 years and stopped taking it this week. Hopefully I will see an improvement in my RLS. Very helpful to hear of other people's views on this matter.

  • Hi

    I had bad experiences with pramipexole and ropinirole but rather oddly I am getting on OK with Rotigotine which is also a dopamine agonist. I am using a 2mg patch. It is not perfect (what is) but I am benefitting.

  • Hi murph50. I take TRAMADOL 50 mg at 5:30 pm and another at 11:30!pm and I am RLS free for the night, been on it for 6 yrs now. I also have cirrhosis of the liver, my meds are very minimal, they are just preventive medications but one of them is also a beta blocker to keep blood pressure down, I can assure you it doesn't cause RLS. I had RLS before I got the prescription. Be free of that worry. Good luck.

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