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I am now taking Pregabalin 300mg 2 x 1 in the morning & 1 at night before I go to bed and tramadol 50mg at night, if I need to I can take a extra tramamdol early evening if needed, for first time in over 7 years I'm getting sleep :) OK not every night but I'm getting some relief! Not sure of the long term usage, has any one been on Pregablin??????

RE documentary I had a video test and failed! I had no sleep for days and also a sinus problem and my new dentures where having a disco in me mouth :), not surprised I've not heard back from them since!!!

Any one using magnesium oil and it is working for them, I have some I would like to it pass on as it's no use to me.

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  • What happened that you failed the test?

    Did they say much about it to you?

    Good to hear the Pregabalin/Tramadol is doing OK for you, I'm using Neupro/Targinact and still getting symptoms but not that bad I want to shoot myself!!!

  • Awwww what a shame that you were not able to take part in the documentary but thankyou for offering to do it on behalf of all RLS sufferers everywhere. Glad you are doing well x

  • How do you fail a programme for RLS when you hadnt had sleep for days. Is that not the point of it. ? ? Or did they not like your dentures having a disco in your mouth. :P Glad you are getting some relief now for your RLS.

  • I have had Pregablin didn't help me ,what I do take is 100g Tramodol 1 tab at 5.00 and 1 at 9.00 they are the best things I have had ,try just taking Tramodol Good luck

  • maybe I should try just the Tramadol??!! thank you beady3 :)

  • The company has not got back in touch with me after I did the video... Hi raffs asked my Doc about Neupro/Targinact and he said he has no knowledge of them drugs, but said he would look in to them! spoke to soon been up most Monday night & last night!

  • I am on Pregabaline I am on 150mg a day it has just been increased by 25mg as the pain I had was going into my rib cage, have to be honest it does help.. I am on amytrytiline as well 50mg but the dr said he didn't want to increase those any more as it could cause tiredness, good luck with them as for me, they work ;)

  • Hi Pat9,

    Many RLS sufferers do not get on with Amitriptyline at all. It can send some people's RLS through the roof. Presumably it helps you. Good to hear you are getting on ok.


  • Oh yes Kaarina, I know I get rls too so I take the amytryptiline early afternoon other wise I go through hell.. :) XX

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