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I dont know how much more i can take!!!!!!!!!


So i'm nearly 34 weeks pregnant now and the rls is getting worse, on a good night i get about 4hrs sleepp, all of which is propt up on the sofa, my worse nights are and hour if i'm lucky, i want to be normal again, i want to cuddle up with my husband in bed and fall asleep, i now fear going to bed at night i have stopped bothering and just sit downstairs on my own! Its so lonely night after night. It feels like no one even beleives me and i'm making it all up. My mother in law thinks its in my head and i have got into a "vicous circle" if only they knew, i would pay for them to live with this for just one week!

I'm scared it won't go away when baby is born, how on earth would i cope with 3 kids under 5 on and hours sleep night after night xxxxxxx

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Dear Maisie

My sympathy, it must be worse being pregnant . I only remember cramps in my legs when I was pregnant, decades ago. When my legs or whatever it is that is bad rls I sit in my chair in the living room when my husband goes to bed.

Some weeks ago I decided to keep "proper" sleeping hours so now I go to bed between 22:30 and 23:30 . Last night was an exception, the time was 01:00 ,started watching some stupid film. The long and the short of it is, I was wide awake, left side in some pain, no sleep then. The time was 03:20. I had more than two hours sleep. A few years ago I used the waking hours during the night to make bread and jam. Too much of that stayed on body, now I knit and play with iPad I got for my 70th birthday last June. And walk to and fro if the pain is bad. It has helped to keep the sleeping hours.

I hope your rls will go away no later than when the bady is born.

All the best


Enormous sympathies to Maisie and Kolla. When you both say 'sleep' I know what that means -it's not sleep as non RLS folk mean it , it's passing out with exhaustion, propped up in a chair with cramps everywhere else because you're not getting restful proper sleep. And even worse when everyone thinks it's 'in your head'.

If you didn't have RLS before you became pregnant, is there a chance it will go when the baby is born? I too hope it goes when baby is born.

Very best wishes.xx

Many woman get RLS when pregnant. Some of us as you know just have it. It must be horrible having that with pregnancy and of course you can't probably take anything being pregnant. I think that there is a good chance it could go when you have your baby.

I'm sure I get more RLS twinges when warm and relaxing, i.e, in bed. So I was just wondering if you end up feeling too warm in bed or even on the settee. Maybe you need one less blanket - just a thought.

you need to ask your GP what meds you can take for your RLS that wont affect your pregnancy and good luck xx


I feel so much for you Masie, even tho my RLS is inherited i never had it show when i was pregnant. I dont know how i would have coped and you have other little ones to look after too. There isnt any meds you can take for the RLS when you are pregnant unfortunately.

Hopefully the RLS will go after the baby is born, it does for most. But dont start worrying if it doesnt, you can at least then take meds for it.

Hang in there hun, just a few more weeks to go....easier said than done i know.

And dont let anyone tell you its all in your head...!!! show them this site...!!

Good luck hun, we are here when you want to vent..

What is your due date? Maybe 3 wks?? Some women have RLS only during pregnancy, and it goes away after the birth. trying to remember, but youhad RLS before you were pregnant? Hopefully it will lessen and/or go away for a while. But, keep in mind, if it doesn't there are meds you can use with nursing, if you are going to do that. Time to tell your doctor to get ready. If you had RLS before this last pregnancy, then hopefully you can take the meds you were on before? I have a woman in one of my groups who has 3 children, all with RLS/PLMD, and she does not. She is constantly fihting for those kids, and don;t know how she does it. Also knew a woma who is a military wife who had 2 sets of twins, and she was sleepwalking and had RLS all the time. Poor thing. I think ptreggos and mothers with kids have it the worst. I can barely handle myself and my Mom. :) so,a few more weeks

for you, and hopefully it will be better. One day at a time, and all tha good stuff . When RLS is really bad I take it a half hr at a time. (((hugs)))

I knoiw exactly how you feel, my RLS went berserk when I reached about 30 weeks into my pregnancy. I had to finish work because of the exhaustion. I had RLS before I was pregnant but no where as bad as during pregnancy. that was 11 year ago and sadly my RLS has not gone away. I hope yours goes after your baby is born as most peoples do. Big hugs xx

another night and again i'm sat up, i decided to go through the motions of going to bed with oh on the slim chance i fall a sleep but no, half an hour in bed and i can take no more! I sit her and feel like cutting my legs off, if its not enough to contend with the usual pregnancy heart burn and needing to wee added on top - is it my imagination or is it linked to needing a wee???? maybe its just the getting up and walking to the loo helps not actually going to the loo! have some bloods being done in 2 weeks will be interesting to see if they come back with anything, i am on iron tablets now so maybe i need more. I pray that this baby comes a couple of weeks early and i pray the rls goes after birth, i breasfed my other two daughters for a year and want to do the same for this baba, i'm guessing any meds will not be ok with breastfeeding, don't want this to ruin giving baba the best start in life, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tired today xxxxxx

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Hi Masie, hang in there hun. I used to think that getting up and making a cup of tea seem to be the answer, i have since realised that its the getting up and moving about making the tea that gives the relief. Nightdancer has said in her comment that when breastfeeding and you still have RLS, then it seems there are meds you can take, so hang on to that bit of info for after the birth....lets hope the RLS goes away and your life can get back on track... xx

I take Glepark, it belongs to a group of medicines known as dopamine agonists, which stimulate dopamine receptors in the brain. Stimulation of the dopamine receptors triggers nerve impulses in the brain that help to control body movements. Ask your doctor and tell him you are pregnant, he should then discuss with you if you could take Glepark (Mirapexin)

no, not when you r pregnant, especially the dopamne meds.

Hanging in there! I know you are so tired and exhausted, but hopefully it will get better, and when you see that new baba, it will be love at first sight, and that is SOME help. 3 or 4 wks after the birth will tell you if the RS is going to stop, but it will be a few weeks. :(

Here s a web site I found the other day, and forgot. babycenter.com/0_coping-wit... It is advice from other pregnant women with RLS. You are definitely not alone. 16% of all pregnant women have RLS. There are several mss boards out there for women who are pregnant, with several sections on RLS, because it is so common during pregnancy. Google and you will find more. Stay strong!!! :) And, romany is right! No dopamine meds during pregnancy, ever.

Sorry I should have known better, I remember reading that she was pregnant, please accept my apology !!

Thank you everyone for your support, another night and sitting up again, tiredness is just torture!!! are my burning feet part of rls or something else on top???

It’s very hard love yes very lonely dark cold it’s like nobody cared I feel this too I just lost my husband I was his career so now my days nights very long as I alone he knew how I felt I could talk to him and as so busy if it was bad I kept busy at night but now I not I paint decorate clean what ever it’s eirsrvghing ever

i'm 57 years old, male, had rls for years, found out too much B vitamins was causing it! coffee makes it go away also

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