Restless Legs Syndrome
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Is this normal? Don't know what's happening to me :(

So I've only recorded footage of me with PLMD about 2 weeks ago. Since then, my legs have gotten really restless to the point it's all day and now, today, it's spreading to my arms. Why is this happening so quickly? I thought if you had it at a young age, it slowly got worse, not this quick! Even considering going to A&E with how bad it is

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Sounds more like RLS than PLMD, especially if its spread to your arms. Why did you record the footage? What exactly are the symptoms?

I get mine in legs, torso and arms - at its worst it can last 18+ hours a day :(


Recorded the footage as I've had unrefreshing sleep for the last 3 years, with it getting extremely severe in the last 6 months where i hardly drive now due to how tired i look. I have such big bags under my eyes, i look ill. And the tiredness is getting so bad now, i feel on the verge of a breakdown. I got 8 hours of sleep last night as well with the help of a sleeping tablet. The doctors always chalked it up to depression and anxiety but I've always felt it's something completely different. I also have had, ever since a teenager, the hair on the outside of my legs completely non existent, yet it grows on the inside. Like it's been rubbed off.

My symptoms are that, extreme restlessness in my thighs that borders on pain, restlessness in my arms now, dissociated feeling, feeling very down which i attribute to the tiredness, panicky feelings a lot and a feeling of wanting to cry most of the time. I've never felt this bad before and don't understand how it's so severe.

Took rotigotine 1mg patch for 2 days but I've decided to not put another on as i feel that could be contributing to the restless feelings on my arms. I just want one night of refreshing sleep


The down and panicky feelings are down to lack of sleep, they are not nice but when you get sleep things will pick up in that direction so take care to remind yourself that even if things look like they wont et better, they will.

Secondly the urge to move and pain I think is more related to RLS. Who diagnosed you, and what did they say?

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I've only seen the GP so far. They said they would only refer me when the medication didn't work. I'm struggling so much as it's literally 24/7 and along with that, I'm having random jerks and jolts quite often


Did they say just PLMD or was RLS mentioned?From what you describe it sounds more RLS than PLMD to me, (although I'm no Dr).

Believe me the pain and urge to move can be overwhelming - I've been in pure agony with my whole body needing to move and due to exhaustion I could only lie on floor and roll about!

When I was experiencing that it was going on for 18+ hrs a day I cannot convey how I felt properly, so rest assured you are no worse than many of us here, (unfortunately for all of us).

You need to look after your mental health with this condition - constant fatigue/exhaustion can bring on depression and anxiety and make things a lot worse. Remember to talk with someone about how you feel - getting it off your chest can be a big help.

Take care.


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