Flying with RLS

I wonder what experiences others have with flying (on a plane I mean!!) I have taken one or two short flights and always in the daytime, taking half a tab of Pramipexole as well. However was asked to go on a longer flight but do not dare in case the rls starts on the plane, or the medication makes me feel strange. It did happen once coming back from Italy (4hours) having not taken any medication and being strapped in...absolute hell, waving my legs in the air embarrassingly until the pill had an effect...could be funny....but it was not.

Lets share experience.

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  • Actually ,just looked over past posts and there is loads of helpful info....feeling a bit more confident about flying now....but because of the lack of sleep holidays are always difficult.

  • Hi funnyfennel, that is great that you found helpful information from looking at past threads. on the subject. I hope it goes well for you.


  • Went to Aus a few years ago went 7.30 in the morning was good

  • Having grandchildren who live five or six hour plane rides away was what convinced me to try kratom in the first place, as the flights simply weren't possible without some kind of medication. The kratom works great. In fact, this summer one my my children was in Hawaii, and I flew from Newark to Honolulu (11 hours) and then back home through Los Angeles (an overnight flight). With the kratom I was fine. I just take twice as much as I usually do, at least on the overnight flights.

    I think I've just read, however, that kratom was just outlawed in England. That's awful! I was in Ireland this summer, where it is also outlawed, but no one checked anything or asked me about anything when I flew in and out. But I don't know how you could buy it now in England or Ireland. You might have to get a mailing address in France.

    We are really fighting here in the U.S. to keep it legal. A few states have outlawed it, but in the states where more recent attempts were made a huge effort on the part of people who use it for medical reasons has resulted in the more recent states just limiting the sale to adults over 18 or 21, which is okay.

  • Hi. I always take a couple of pramipexole before a flight even daytime. I have been to Mexico (10 hours) on an over night flight and took my normal dose at usual time. My worst time was from Tunisia when I forgot to take any and also got tooth ache as plane set off and had no drink to take the tablets - torture!! But usually no problem.

  • I regularly do long haul. Suggest you take Tramadol during the flight and keep hydrated and move around as much as possible, or sleep.

  • Thanks for the info I will be traveling to Thailand from UK in June, going to try kratom before I go. Happy travels and enjoy :)

  • I was told to drink tonic water without the gin unfortunately. It seemed to help. Also advised to get an isle seat which helped

    I am one RLS people who has to have really cold legs to help stop jerks. There is always plenty of ice on long haul flights which really helped

    Hope that helps

  • I do get the aisle or seat near the exit when travelling, but don't know whether my legs like being cold. Have started adding magnesium spray to my usual meds, which I think I now need as an extra treatment. Thank you all, and may reconsider longer journeys in future.

  • I got onto a flight from Marrakech to Dublin and realised that I had forgotten to take my medication and that it was in my hold luggage. My legs started to go absolutely mental very soon into the flight and I can sympathise with your situation. The saving grace was that my friend that I was travelling with is an extremely good conversationalist and I asked him to try and keep the conversation going until we landed. He rose to the occasion and somehow keeping my brain engaged in the conversation alleviated the symptoms of RLS a lot. I firmly believe that the issue is in the brain rather than the legs as I find that I do not experience symptoms when I am focused on say work and that they only start when my brain is trying to relax into less engaging activity e.g. Watching TV

  • Thanx for sharing, and yes agree that if the brain is engaged (enough) it postpones the rls, but films and books can sometimes allow it to sneak in and then the anxiety is hard to stop, which of course encourages the rls.

  • I understand you so well. I fly a lot on trips with my husband when I do I have to take some of my Meripex or I would be wanting out of that airplane. That is the only way I can even make it through a flight. My husband now will ask me did you take some Meripex? I am so glad he understands because we all have to have people around us that do understand this support means so much. I understand when you said how you feel I know one thing there is nothing funny about it because it is absolute hell.

  • I have to always take some medicine before I go on any trips in cars and in planes. When I fly with my husband he always ask me did you take some Meripex? I am so glad he understands. We all need the ones around us for support. I have forgotten to take my meripex before a flight and being strapped in that seat does drive you mad!!! It can take your joy away from you and we just don't need that to happen.

  • Thank you Artsy, but if you take extra Mirapex surely you then need more on a regular basis?? And it also makes me feel a bit strange too, so not sure how this comes across to other people. Lucky you to have a caring said before, most people just think that one is fussing or just nervous or indeed bonkers as on my Italian flight.

  • Same problem when flying, even after usual meds,but as you say sat cramped up,can't move and trying to stretch and all the usual tricks to try control it....VERY embarrassing

  • I do also have some temazepam to stop the pre trip anxiety which can help with the worry that it may become a problem. Midday flighta have been best fro me. No rush, more rest. Yet still I have not risked a longer flight than 4 hours....

  • I don't go on a plane without some tramadol or valium

  • I take Tramadol 50 mg tabs 2x daily, one at 5:30 pm and the next at 11:30 pm. I live in the USA in the state of Florida and visit my sons a couple of times a year that live on the west coast in Los Angeles, California. The duration of the flight is 51/2 hrs in good conditions or delays. What I do is take one my pill an hr. before my flight and just continue my regime at night. I wouldn't dare go on a long flight without medication. I don't know much about your medication but can you take one additional dose just for the flight. Thank goodness I've never had a problem and I don't know why would you have a funny reaction to the med that you're on usually. How did your med make you feel funny? I have no reaction at all with my TRAMADOL and I can travel anywhere. The worst is letting the RLS start because once it does it seems to take longer for the meds to kick in. I know I can take my extra pill since my dose is so low, can you do the same? Good luck, you should be able to travel anywhere but NEVER under any circumstances get on a flight without meds in your system at least an hr before the scheduled time. My sister in law is a flight attendant and on a European flight back to the US there was a passenger that had to stand nearly the eight hrs because of the RLS . Fortunately she was compassionate with him because she's familiar with this illness because of me. She said she never saw one so miserable in her life and felt very sorry for him because she couldn't do much except let him stand the whole time, of course not for takeoff or landing, there are rules to follow.


  • I flew to Thailand a few years ago and can only describe both flights as absolute hell. Last year my GP prescribed Valium for me for the flights and I had no problems, in fact I spent most of it in a dreamy haze or asleep! X

  • But how much did you take...I do have some as a sleep aid, but in fact use it to de stress which also helps with the RLS and the emotional wobbles due to lack of sleep. Thank you for sharing...

  • I just flew to North Carolina from Missouri and back. Not a long trip, but enough to assess my rls situation. The seats are close, which did give me problems. I got a letter from my doctor before I left, at the recommendation of the RLS Foundation, with wording that would allow me to get up and stand or move around as I needed to. And I needed to on my trip.

    I carry a card that tells my condition and that I may need special accommodations. Go to the RLS Foundation website and peruse that site.

    God bless.

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