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Has anyone with RLS been prescribed Trazadone or Serzone or Wellbutrin for clinical depression?. My G.P. first of all prescribed Prozac but my legs went through the roof so I stopped taking it. I have looked on the official RLS website and those are the three meds that are recommended for people with RLS. Trouble is I'm not certain we have them in the U.K. If you have taken any of these drugs I'd be really glad to know the results. Regards to all.

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I've tried several anti-depressants and they all put my RLS crazy, but there are ones that are better tolerated than others and at the end of the day imho it's trial and error.

Hi Bedith, Wellbutrin is not available in the UK. Trazadone is and I tried it but I couldn't tolerate the high doses needed to control depression, I felt dizzy and drowsy on it.I don't know about Serzone I take Mirtazapine and my legs are no worse on that one.x

Hey there bedith6, I'm Blair from the USA, AKA Old Blue. I'm a 69yr. old male with RLS and also suffered severe depression several yrs. ago. At first I was taking Wellbutrin and Tramadol for awhile. I can't remember how long I took the Wellbutrin and Tramadol but I did stay in bed 24/7 for 2 and 1/2 yrs. My wife talked me in going to another Dr. who put me on Venlafaxine ( Effexor ) which got me out of bed and now I'm out of the depression stage thanks to GOD, wife, and family and then the Dr. Then I developed RLS. I'm taking Gabapentin for the RLS. The only thing that's doing me any good is Oxycodone that I take for my lower back pain. I'm like the others, I'm not a Dr. and suggest you talk to your GP about other options. I'm sure you will get more replies on your cries for help from other members soon. Just hang in there. You and I have been around to long now. I'm for sure GOD will carry us the rest of the way home. May GOD BLESS your sweet heart. Blair

Hello, I have been taking wellbutrin and Zoloft for over 14 years. My RLS began about 10 years ago. I started at a quarter milligram of ropinirole and it worked so well for a long while. Then symptoms worsened and I had to go to a half a milligram and maybe a few months later three quarters... ultimately I landed at 1 milligram and I won't go further no matter my symptoms, because I've experienced the augmentation we all know about. Since Christmas my goal has been to get off my antidepressants in hopes of improving my restless legs, as both of the antidepressants have RLS as a possible side effect. I am almost totally off of my antidepressants and feeling emotionally well. The RLS remains, however I have been getting relief from CBD oil, an extract of the hemp plant. I ingest the oil before bed and sometimes vape the CBD extract. I will say the most relief I've found is is by using marijuana at night, not smoking it, but vaping it. There's no "high", just happy legs. It's all set a trial and error game, trying to tease out whts actually causing the relief. Oh, forgot to mention, I also take iron, magnesium, turmeric. Vitamins d and e... All I know is that when I've slept thru the night without aimlessly walking the house in the dark, its a GOOD day and it doesn't much matter what helped.

Any of the drugs they give for depression will cause the condition to get worse. They interfere with the uptake of all the ''feel good'' neurotransmitters.( seretonin, melitonin,dopamine and probably a dozen others that have not been identified yet.

If you take any of these drugs very long you will stop producing the enzyme that they enhance production of and will have to increase the dosage of them just to not be depressed all the time. I take several drugs for RLS and even they become ineffective sooner than later.

Opiates will become addictive and stop helping as well as the drugs for depression.

One of the other posts asked if suicide was common for RLS suffers. The answer is YES.

I was suicidal when I first got some relief in 2002 and now when they don't work, I only wish i was dead instead of suffering, but I now know i will get thru it somehow and live to fight another battle. Hang in there and maybe the researchers will find what really causes it and a fix that we can live with and that is effective.

I changed to Trazadone after reading about it on this forum and i find it to be the the best anti -depressant so far as it helps with a long standing battle with insomnia.I am fortunate that I tolerate most anti-depressants quite well the exceptions being venlaflaxine and lithium. Perhaps it helps that I have been on and off anti-deps since I was fifteen, long before I began to suffer from RLS. Also sorry to read such negative comments on opiates. After a hard struggle to get it prescribed I have been taking dihydrocodeine for several years and I am not addicted to it nor is tolerance too much of an issue - I very occasionally have to take an extra half tablet when RLS is very bad at night but sometimes the next day I can get by with only one and a half tablets rather than my normal dose of two tablets. I suffer with the creepy crawly type of RLS and dihydrocodeine relieves this but does not help with aches and pains.

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