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Med. for depression


A short time ago I found the name of a medication that would help depression and anxiety . It was in the book written by Dr Buchfuher and it appears that this drug doesn't affect RLS adversley. I have dreadful depression at the moment and have tried two drugs both of which sent my RLS sky high. Now I can't find the name of the drug I read about, I think it may have been mentioned on this site. Has anyone any idea of what it is or where I might find it please? Regards to all

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Hi Bedith , it may have been Wellbutrin, was that it as that one does not make RLS worse. If so unfortunately it is not available in the UK. Another which won't worsen legs is Trazadone and that one is available in UK.The one I use is Miratazapine which is in a class of its own and that one will worsen legs for a small minority of people but not everyone. Perhaps you could try the Trazadone to be on the safe side. I am sorry you are feeling so low and hope that you find something to help you ...Pippins2 x

KaarinaAdministrator in reply to Pippins2

Thank you for replying so quickly, Pippins. :)



Hi Bedith,

I think it may be Wellbutrin ( Bupropion) but I suggest you wait for other responses to your posting.

Look after yourself,


Pippins2 What about sertraline does that make depression worse ?


Hi Mopsy,

If you look at this link from RLS-UK and scroll down, you will see that Sertraline is listed as one of the medications to avoid:!treating-rls/czj2


from RLS Buchfuhrer : drugs that do not worsen RLS:

Generic = Brand name



Nortriptyline(?)=Pamelor, Aventyl



Good luck

thanks to everyone who responded so promptly. I have tried Trazadone and it did make my legs a lot worse, the other one was Prozac and that was terrible. I might ask my G.P. if I can try Norpramine but I'd like to know first is anyone else has used it and with what results. With this condition (RLS) you get afraid to try anything new without knowing how it has affected other people, but I really would like some help with this awful depression. Take care everyone X

Anyone knows anything about Brintellix (Vortioxetine)? It's a relatively new antidepressant. Does it affect RLS adversely?

Vinagirl in reply to kukunta

Brintellix is a SSRI antidepressant. Most if not all SSRIs make RLS worse.

 I have been on Zoloft (sertraline) 50mg for about 2 years now buying them at and it has given me a normal life back. While in college, I was dealing with a lot of stuff- including stress, and the loss of a loved one. I fell into a deep depression and was constantly having anxienty and panic attacks. This product took a little while to work, but it was more than worth the wait. I barely ever get panic attacks anymore. I still have down days, but without this product, I think every day would be a down day for me

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