Restless Legs Syndrome

Daytime problems


I had really bad RLS when I was pregnant but haven't struggled too much since then. At the moment it's so bad that it's interrupting my work, I'm finding it unbearable to sit still in meetings, or at my desk and it's embarrassing. I'm not having so much problems at night, which is when I used to have issues. I have the occasional night that is bad, but it's daytime sitting on the train when I want to leap up, or fidgeting in committee meetings not wanting to leave but finding it unbearable to stay and sit still.


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Hi are you on any meds?


No - I got diagnosed when I was pregnant and they couldn't give me several things, and then it went away after I had the kids. It's been the odd bad night for the last five years and now it is all day every day!


Do you take any meds for anything else even over the counted stuff as many can worsen RLS


Yes, I've been taking Duloxetine for years, but last year I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and I now take Losartan and Amlodopine (I think i got the spelling wrong there!)

Thanks x


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