Restless Legs Syndrome

Gabapentin for pins and needles in arms

I have had cramp and/or pins and needles around my elbows , both or alternate arms from 2013 which gp's prescribed ibuprofen gel for tennis or golfers elbow - which to some extent does relieve discomfort to some extent - however the pain has moved now from fingers to shoulders , with numbness in forearm soft tissue. Finally in December 2015 my doctor has put me on gabapentin 3 times a day and whilst the pains are still occurring,they are not as bad and I have not had to use ibuprofen gel for a few weeks. I don' t find myself having to stretch my arms up and bed my hands back to get some normal feeling during the day ,but do still wake at night ,feeling like I am sleeping on my arms,resulting in pins and needles - on an arm that I am not lying on - so lack of movement may also contribute to my cramp?

I am new to this group and glad I am not alone......

My father had parkinsons for 18 years and I used to wonder why he used to keep stretching his arms and bending his fingers back - now I am doing it myself - could this be the early indication of me developing early symptoms of hereditary parkinsons?

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Hi, do you have RLS. ? Only someone who has Parkinson's will know what the symptoms are. There is a forum on HealthUnlocked for Parkinson's they are the people who can tell you the symptoms.

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While the actual mechanism of RLS and parkinson's is very similar and symptoms actually resemble each other to some extension they are non related diseases by means of one being precursors to another. Honestly what you have doesnt sound like RLS it sounds like something to your doctor :)


Tingling in arms consider:-

Vitamin B12 bloods and Thyroid (low in range or deficient)

There are grey areas Doctors do not consider.


Hi Coastwalker , Thank you , I am seeing my GP next week and as I have recently been diagnosed with under-active thyroid will discuss vitamin B12 as a possible deficiency.


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