Just for fun

Hi everyone , I know its a week late but thought you might like to have a laugh at a little song I made up on Christmas Eve.My legs were being silly and some carol singers were singing Jingle Bells in the distance and it just popped into my head, so its set to Jingle Bells tune

Christmas Eve is here and off I went to bed

As I climbed the stairs swearing at my legs

Put my lotions on , pills lined in a row

I jumped quickly into bed

Oh kicking I did go

Oh Jingle legs, Jingle legs

Kicking all the way

Oh what a pain it is to have

Jingle legs today!

Happy New Year x....Pipps

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  • That made me smile Pipps, although there is nothing at all funny about RLS.

    Wishing you (and all on HU, a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year in 2016.

    Not too long for your to have cuddles from your grandchild!! xxx

  • Hi Glo42.have just been checking out the new feature which shows if any member lives close and you live pretty close to me!

  • Well done pippin ,happy new year to one and all all we wish for is a good nights sleep not much to ask for is it ,that's you as well Blokie and raffs xx

  • Have you got your knitting needles out yet Beady? Ha ha xx

  • hey pips maybe you missed your calling. should write songs on the side. happy New Year...Old blue

  • Brilliant! Nice to have a laugh about it at times. Keeps us all going. Have a great New Year and maybe you will think of another song to welcome 2016.

  • I'll have to laugh and I'll get that jingle stuck in my head when I go to bed. I get rls every night.It's very nice to get giggle out of it.

  • Pipps, after a "Jingle Legs" night it was so good to have a hearty laugh. You are hysterical. Happy Jingle Legs free 2016.

  • Loved it! !!!!

  • Just had a look Pipps and there are others a lot nearer. Two could almost be in the same village???......... small world indeed!

    Hope you are improving and that the new grandchild is progressing well..... not that long to go now before you will be babysitting I guess. xxx

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