Restless Legs Syndrome
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New girl on the block!

I am 70 years old ..For three years I have really suffered from Restless Leg Syndrome and it's exhausting ..It amazes me the medics don't really know how to treat it and it appears quite common especially. With us girls!

It started with a strange feeling like water running through my legs then the next stage after some time was jerks, uncontrollable jerks, then I proceeded to violent kicks and would wake up feeling exhausted and that I had run the London Marathon. The daytime pain in the calf muscles was the result of the nightly legs kicking..

I have been through all the medications both tablets and patches and all work for a time then side effects build up... When I realised the side effects were worse than the condition I slowly came off them and looked for another way to address the problem..Pillows under the legs in bed only aresulted in pillows on the floor... I read loads on line and decided to try the soap under the bottom sheet.. I feel it's helped a lot but has not cured it .. Has anyone any other suggestions however cranky they sound.. I will try anything ..

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I feel your pain, I really do, I cried to my doctor on Monday because I had went 48hrs with no sleep, that was a follow on from very little sleep for the 2wks previous, iv just turned 41 and iv suffered with rls mildly until lately, for some unknown reason it has become relentless, to the point I get anxious when the evening falls because I know how much of a bad night I'm going to put in, iv tried everything, hot bath with epsom salts, drinking plenty of water, the soap under the sheet, the halcyon bracelets, a gentle evening walk, magnesium spray, a magnet in my bed then there is the medical side iv tried quinine tablets, pramipexole tablets and now I'm on ropinirole tablets which iv to take with a sleeping tablet, so far I'm ok but like u the next day my legs feel like iv done a marathon, its an awful disease, I hope to find a miracle cure, I emailed the president of an american company who have developed a pressure foot wrap which is meant to work wonders but whether we get it here in the uk I'm not sure, let's hope so, for people like us who need their quality of life back, take care x



Great to hear from you..I have also tried the Epson baths the walks etc etc only yesterday I saw an article out of the Daily Mail about the USA foot wrap but did you see the price!

Keep praying. Bless you


No didn't see the price, I'm sat down so do tell hahaha x


Ohh £260 iv just read, if it worked I'd pay that, iv felt so sick and restless whilst my tablets get into my system, these wud b so much better x


Let me know how you get on with them where do you live? I am in Devon


I will as soon as I hear, I'm in Belfast so that wee bit of water makes it even harder for us lol x


Just out of interest did you start any new medications prior to when your RLS started 3 years ago ?

Did you have any RLS symptoms prior to 3 years ago ? Or did they only start then for the first time ?

best wishes, Geri


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