Restless Legs Syndrome
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From Ropinirole to Pramipexole

Hi I am new here.

My Doctor is changing my meds from Ropinirole 2mg at night and 2 .25's during the day to Pramipexole. The Ropinirole was causing augmentation and I would get break through RLS during the day and early evening also my legs would start bothering me early in the morning.

I am on the 4th day of Pramipexole and have been having a hard time at night. I used to also take Klonopin for when my legs were really bad, and my Doc put me on Temazepam which I only take occasionally. At first my legs relax I can lay on the floor and watch tv but when I go to bed, my legs will all of a sudden go crazy and I feel like a fish out of water kicking so bad.

My question to this group is, did anyone else have this? I am wondering if it's my body adjusting to not having as much meds on board as it did have. I have been on Ropinirole for 10 years.

Thanks for any and all input.

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I changed dopamine agonists (to pramipexole ) very successfully but a lot of people will say if you were augmenting before the same type of drug won't help you. I now take 5mgs of shortec late afternoon and prami at 20.00 hrs and it works a dream far ! Good luck

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I was under the impression that once augmentation occurs you need to come off all DA's!

Take a look in the search function you will definitely get the info there:

Rembeer that many, MANAY Drs know little to nothing about RLS and even less that augmentation and have prescribed drastically wrong meds at times. You will get good accurate info on the link above that I for one would trust before ANY G.P.

Good luck, and welcome too. You'll learn loads here, but just don't stand too close to Madlegs1 :)


Thanks for the vote of confidence! !! Raffs!

I agree completely with the above posters. Very strange strategy from your Dr.


Hi I was changed from Ropinerole to mirapexin (name here for pramipexol) & after a shaky start have found it to be a miracle drug in that it has virtually eliminated all signs of RLS allowing me at long, long last to sleep. Recently I have had a few twinges during the day but nothing too bad.

I think you may have to be patient to allow the ropinerole to leave your system & equally allow the new tablet to work its way in. You may also need to amend the doseage but that my be a bit trial & error.

Hope it works in the same way for you as it has for me.


Thank you for all the helpful responses. I had upped my dose to two pills last night and was terrified to go to bed, but I slept great only had a couple of twinges in my legs. I'm hoping it will stay like this and the worst is over.

Keeping my fingers crossed.


Hi there. Hopefully the Pramipexole will help soon, I have been taking it since September last year and yes, the first few days were difficult and I went from 1 x 180mcg to 2 x which I am still on and getting some great sleep. Good luck x


I just went from one pill to two. I noticed that when I take the second nights dose I don't do as well and have to take Temazepam to help calm my legs and let me sleep. Tonight will be the third night of taking 2 pills and I'm really hoping I won't have to up my dose. Thank you for sharing your experience with me.


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