Restless Legs Syndrome


Hi.i am new to this forum.i have not been diagnosed with rls but all I know is I have a itch like sensation in mainly my right leg that makes me move my leg to try getting it to stop.i have been in a standing job for 38 years and wondered if that has contributed to iron levels should be good as I take iron tablets everyday.has anyone got any hints on reducing the attacks.i dread sitting down in the evening now cos I know it will start up again.

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Your job wont affect your Iron levels, diet would have a big impact.

A standing job is perfect for RLS it allows you to shift about a bit more. I had a standing job when the my ideal job opened up it was a sitting one and I very nearly didn't go for it as I would have to sit.

Thankfully a talk with the management and some slight adjustments and I didn't have to sit as much which made a huge difference.

Speak to the GP about drug treatments and in the meantime you could try a very hot bath and some light exercise in the evening - they should help.

Good luck.


Do you have a urge to move you leg, rather than you moving it to try to stop the sensation. ? A standing job is not a reason for having RLS. Do the sensations keep you from sleeping at night and you have to get out of bed to pace.? Taking iron pills should be done with a doctors supervision, you need to get your ferritin level tested to see if you actually need to take iron pills. Ferritin should be 70-100 for RLSers. I think you should see your doctor and discuss your sensations with him/her to get a diagnoses

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Hello there. It sounds like you are at least 50 years old and your RLS is quite recent. As we age the intestine loses its ability to absorb nutrients from the food, and if that's the case with you simply eating more iron won't work. I would definitely seek medical advice. You may need to put on the balance how bad your symptoms are and the actual need for medicine. One leg itching is actually not much. Take into account how is your sleep. You may consider a few changes to your daily life. Some exercise might help a lot, it reliefs the itch and more importantly stress. I have noticed that the biggest triggers for my RSL is stress and indigestion. Exercise will help the stress plus other changes to your life. Make a eating diary and see if there is something you eat that you eat that your stomach doesn't like so much and triggers yours RLS.


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