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Hi everyone. I've been doing a bit of research on RLS, and read that it can sometimes be that people are lacking in iron. I know I had a problem with my iron level a while back, so I decided to buy some supplements. I'm taking 14mg a day, (it is safe to take up to 20mg a day, but you must not exceed that), and I've been taking it for 2 weeks now, and I've had no RLS for the last 5 nights. I know it's still early days, but I wanted to share this with you all, as I know how desperate we all are for some relief, and sleep. I'll keep you all posted.

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  • Am I right that you can check your iron levels wit a blood test which provides a Ferritin reading? Mine was 138 compared to a pre printed range of 50 - 350?

  • The only way I know is a blood test. The ferritin numbers have a huge range. Mine started at 27 and after 5 years are up to 124. I am checking to see if my body stores the Ferritin or dumps it.

  • My doctor has had me have a blood test to check iron levels.

  • This is exactly the same as me Kazzy, I wenton iron pills and the RLS stopped.. there is a dinfinite link to low iron and RLS I think

  • I have also added magnesium to the mix. It seems to help quite a bit. Just don't over do or you can end up with the scoots.

  • You should always get your ferritin level checked by your doctor before taking any iron pills, too much is dangerous. For RLSers the experts recommend ferritin level should be 70-100. Taking iron pills can help for some people, but its normal to take months before your see any benefit. Secondary RLS is from having a underlying condition, which can be low ferritin level. My ferritin level done recently was 103 and i still have RLS so not a reason or my RLS. I have Primary RLS.

  • My number is 124 and I still have RLS. Didn't have it until I was accidently overdosed in hospital with morphine due to a shattered hip.

  • The low iron in the brain affects dopamine receptors, and it may be for some that the damage, tho originally caused by low iron, becomes irreversible. If you look in the us forums u will find some people who take their ferritin v high indeed, with some relief, but not total.

  • I also took iron with Vit E and so far have been free or RLS. I also have copper bracelets handy to put if I feeling starts up.

    I think RLS is the most horrid thing to happen to you - loosing sleep when you are feeling exhausted.

    I also hate taking pills that mess with your head so the above is worth trying.

  • I've not heard of using copper bracelets. Does it help your RLS?

  • Since I wrote regarding iron and copper bracelets - I did have a return of my RLS, but I replenished my iron tabs and starting to use the copper bracelets it only lasted a few days. I cannot swear the this works, but its worth trying and a lot cheaper than 'head-messing' tablets

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