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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Which Option Sounds "Better"?

1. My hypersomnia is caused by oxycodone wearing off in the middle of the night, causing restless sleep and periodic limb movements: take 15 mg oxycontin to last all night long.

2. My hypersomnia is caused by oxycodone affecting sleep architecture, decreasing slow wave restorative sleep anywhere from 20-70%: switch to gabapentin, might help RLS, might increase slow wave sleep or at least not decrease it.

3. My hypersomnia is idiopathic: take modafinil or another stimulant to help stay awake during the day.

Voting is open now. If you want your favorite ailment cause/"solution" to make it to the next round and move one step closer to receiving a trial, don't forget to call, text, go online, or download the app.

#RLShasNoTalent #DancingWithRLS

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All and/or none of the above!

Need more info:

Have you notived any chane since starting the drugs?

Has the 15mg at night helped?

If you have RLS there's part, (most/all) of the answer right there!


I haven't done any of the above yet, I'm trying to decide what to try first. I'm currently taking 5-10 mg of oxycodone at bedtime to take edge off RLS and fall asleep. But being so tired during the day and having sleep attacks has become an even bigger problem. It would be nice if I could get rid of the RLS symptoms and the excessive daytime sleepiness, but I've given up on that. I don't want to fall asleep driving and kill someone. Getting rid of the EDS is the number one priority now, it's ruining my quality of life way more than the RLS.

(fast forward to months from now when I'd give anything to fall asleep at night and not be constantly bothered by RLS)


Oh, my bad!!

Well for what its worth, if it were me I'd start with the 15mg of Oxy at night - should hit the restlessness as well as the pain and should allow you to rest if not sleep at night, (I do know opioids can mess with the quality of sleep).

You could try using audio simulated delta/beta waves to help bring you to lower/more relaxed states:

Modafinil may cause other problems and I know my GP and a few other Drs I have spoken with about it would not see it as overly beneficial.


Oh? What sort of problems are associated with modafinil? This is the first time I've heard anything negative about it.


I know a guy who works in rehab and he would say he has seen a few people who take it and are displaying paranoid and hyper-vigilant behaviours.


ookla, remind me, you have sleep apnea...yes or no. ? No prizes for the right answer... :P


Supposedly. I've noticed no difference using a cpap, though.


Maybe because of the oxycodone is still interfering with sleep apnea. ?

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I was on cpap before oxy. Everything is very chicken and egg.... no idea what came first, what caused what, or was caused by what. I wish I could turn the clock back two years or so before I started seeing doctors and all I had to worry about was RLS... those were the good old days!

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