RLS relief

This has worked several times, Lying in bed with the legs jumbing about, Went to the lav, did a bowel movement, and the RLS was gone when I went back to bed.

Perhaps having a full bowel or something. usually the digestive system stops working when you are aleep, and that mechanism, stopping it, that is, is not fucntioning, and some RLS is the consequence.

Not a medical fact, just seem to work a couple of times.

(rather not add a phot about that!)

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  • Hmmmm cant say my bowels have any affect on my RLS. :)

  • May be you were just full of shit!!! :p :D

    Sorry but I couldn't resist that!

    Here if it works for you it works, however I would imagine getting up and moving did more for you than the pooping!

  • You may be right! there is some thoughts about the digestive systme vagus nerve (gut feeling?) being connected to the brain etc....

  • You're right. The digestive system is like a secondary nervous system and as all our systems impact on the others there may be something in it for you. I know for me no matter what I do it seems little makes any difference.

    Glad the joke didn't offend.

  • JUst moving about doesnt stop RLS for me, run out of pills now.

  • I have worse symptoms if I eat late at night and especially after eating spicy food such as a curry. My consultant has told me to monitor what I eat to see what makes my RLS worse, so there must be something to it!

  • Hopeless, that is me too, but I also have IBS. Kind of amazing. Wonder what it is about going to the bathroom that does the trick.

  • This is the only thing that gets rid of my RLS. If I can't go I use an enema & I'm asleep in a matter of minutes. This is the only place I've ever read about someone having similar experiences. Every Dr thinks I'm nuts.... Glad to see I'm not

  • yes, seems to be effective, just using a bidet that flushes you out with a hose attachment seems to work each time.

  • Hey there- I see that it's been a while since you've logged in. Potatoes are culprits to RLS for me. I cut them out and no longer have RLS or other neurological issues. There are several articles about how toxic potatoes are especially if you have a leaky gut and then there are people who are intolerant. You are not alone! Please look into all of it.... There are potatoes in everything including medications and shampoo and laundry detergent. These little hidden gems will continue to wreak havoc on your system if you are intolerant and just cutting out potatoes will seem like it's not that because you are still unknowingly consuming them. I have a list of ingredients that are really potato or potato starch if you are interested. The Paleo Diet is the only food I can eat. Feels so good to be free of that RLS pain - I even got restless arms and body. Almost convulsing after getting cross contaminated.

  • Looks as though you may be right about spuds......

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