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Restless Legs Syndrome
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RLS relief

I have suffered from RLS long enough. I would lye I bed hurting , hitting my legs, putting them on heating pad, massager , icy hot,, i have Taken pregablin, duloxetine, gabapentin.I took ropinirole,which was working for a about 6 months.i have had MRI on head and back. Circulation test. And other testing. Blood work etc. Always seemed like my doctor was just thinking I was exaggerating the pain . I'm turning 50 never used drugs , was always against it. Long story short. Cannabis is working for me.. Cannabis oil is more effective. It's legal here and I was able to get it prescribed and it's life changing. Take it for what it's worth. The pain was very painful for me!! I sleep at night now..

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Delighted you are lucky enough to have access to this effective treatment, long may it last.


There seem to be many type of cannabis oil. Can you tell us as specifically as possible what type you use and where it can be purchased?

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I think it is ridiculous that so many people have to suffer from this agonizing pain. My pain was so bad , it made me depressed and extremely miserable. I can't say where to go to get the oil as most Doctors will not prescrbe cannabis oil for RLS. I am just very fortunate. Although smoking will give you relief for about 4 hrs. If you wake up in pain a few puffs and relief is just minutes away. Like I stated before I have a 22 yr old son and have always preached against this. However trying is believing. It works , Nothing !! Has compared to it..If you suffer like I have and do not try it, I think your suffering when you don't have too. I realize it's not legal everywhere as it should be. I don't smoke to get high , I smoke because the pain is too much. My pain went from a 10 to a 1. Those who think it's wrong have never been in this pain. Synthetic cannabinoid (dronabinol (Marinal)), tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)or nabilone (Cesamet)


I have read that cannabis makes a real difference, and would like to give it a try but here in the UK its not readily available. I do believe for some thing as painful as restless legs it should be. The trouble is some people with RLS only get a tingling sort of sensation. But there are people like me have PAIN and believe me its PAIN and for those of us there is nothing that works for long. I was taking amitriptline at bedtime and ropinirole 1mg at 7pm and a 2mg at bedtime, so quite a large dose but its worked for a long time, and now its stopped. Went to see doctor and now I am cutting down on the ropinirole. I was hope ing there was something else I could just change to, but not that easy. I would like to ask dose anyone have hot soles to your feet? Mine seem to burn and I have to hang my feet out of the bed.


Are you still taking the amitriptyline? That can exacerbate the RLS symptoms.

There are a few that have hot feert iirc. I would have found my feet so hot that I had to put them in cold water, although that seems to have eased.

Cannabis. although illegal in the UK should be easy enough got if you ask around, (carefully!!!). If you have the privacy and the space you could even grow it!


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