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Restless Legs Syndrome
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HI all. I got a lovely reminder of gratitude today so want to start a post where we can all share our gratitude.

We are all well versed in researching RLS or whatever maladies we have and that means focusing on what is wrong, (and for some of us that is A LOT!); the downside of that focus is that the bad is always at the forefront of peoples minds clouding the beauty and joy that we can still be apart of.

Benefits of gratitude here:


I for one am grateful that I found HealthUnlocked which informed me and changed my perception on the dopamine agonists and allowed me to get the right drugs and relief from RLS, (along with support for ME).

And for my family that understand when my legs jiggle and I have to leave places or when I am peee'd off at not being able to function without pain and suffering.

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A really good exercise and coping tool is a "gratitude journal". First thing in the morning when you are having your cuppa herbal tea or coffee in the morning, pick one thing, no matter how small, for which you are grateful for at that moment. iT really helps to start you day out on the right foot. NO matter how bad your night was, there CAN ALWAYS be one thing you are grateful for, even small thing your new socks, or that fact that you are ABLE to sit there and be still, or whatever applies to you at that moment. It does drive out the negativity for a bit every day. ;)

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That's the spirit -every day above ground is a good day!

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Living with an attitude of gratitude is so rewarding. Everyday I pray GOD continues to bless me with the things I am grateful for. Such as my healing, my wife, my home, my food. I am grateful all day long, everyday. Thank you LORD for this community

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I am grateful i made it through yet another night of the RLS attacking me. I am grateful i am a strong woman who can survive what ever gets thrown my way I am grateful i have a wonderful family who are always there for me.


I'm grateful that I listened to my Dr before I decided to tell him that I thought he was a quack - and learned that he wasn't!

As my good lady wife says “Patience is a virtue, Possess it if you can, Seldom found in woman, Never found in man"


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