Restless Legs Syndrome
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Hi, I have managed to get my ferritin up to 130 and Tsh 0.44 and am starting to feel better (If anything at times a bit over replaced).

Gp hasn't said to stop the iron - it's gone up very quickly from 55 in dec, 80 in March and 130 now. 400 mg a day. I've only recently stopped getting restless leg symptoms. But clearly don't want to go over in iron!

What would you do? I've been told to keep taking the iron. Maybe test in 3 months? What point do they tend to stop giving iron?!

I have told the gp my aunt has haemachromatosis and he made a note.

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That is quite a high ferritin level you have got to, and in a short time. I would have thought high enough. But i am not a doctor, so cant say whether you should stop the iron pills. I would ask your doctor again tell of your concerns of overload of iron. He should know that too much iron can be dangerous.


It was the speed I was thinking about too. I've taken it religiously with vitamin c too.


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