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Restless Legs Syndrome
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pains in upper leg

recently I have been getting severe pains in my upper leg. my right leg. if I sit down for even five minutes I can barely get up the pain is unbearable. i dread going to sleep at night because I know when I wake my leg is locked and its very sore. it takes about twenty minutes for me to get up out of bed. I've tried painkillers and ice packs but nothing is helping.

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Tanyamcl, those symptoms you have described do not sound anything related to RLS and i think you need to see your doctor and explain to him/her.

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Ellisee Iv seen the top RLS man in Britain Proffesor Chaederay Kings Collage Hospitial London I have a letter from him that there is pain with RLS And reading a lot of members messages on here plenty have got pain I don't believe what other web sites say Thete is a painfull version of RLS


Erona, i also get pain with my RLS. But what Tanyamcl is describing sounds as if there is something else going on..


Hello Some members get RLS pain others don't As me you have pain unfortunate but it gets worse I get pain in my legs all over them and my arms fingers and creepy crawly all over And my feet are numb all the time , Sorry to be so blunt but that's how it is x


I am not medically qualified but it sounds like a problem with your hip possibly arthritis.


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