Restless Legs Syndrome
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For those of you who suffer leg pain with their RLS, this is something you may want to try. I was diagnosed recently with Plantar Fasciitis which is basically heel pain and was given exercises by my doctor to help this. These exercises consisted of stretches for calves, achiles tendon and plantar fascia.

Well I have always associated my leg pain (which is in my calf) with RLS as it started around the same time, I have had it for nearly forty years, every single day, been to the doctors and they could not do anything about it. Anyway since I did these exercises, my leg pain has finally gone, it is amazing. I used to wake up every morning to a throbbing ache in my leg and now it has finally disappeared, it feels like a miracle but I know it was to do with the stretching exercises.

You do not need to buy anything, you can do these exercises on your lower step of your staircase, or against the wall, whatever you feel comfortable with. I just hold on to my staircase, and lower my heels down but keeping my toes firmly on the stairs and you will need to hold the stretch for a minimum of 30-60 seconds and you can really feel the stretch in your calves. I have also bought two foot rockers mainly because of my plantar fasciitis is taking a lot longer to heal. (but you do not need to buy these, but they can also help with leg pain too).

If you are interested, I suggest you google stretching exercises for calves, achiles tendon and plantar fascia.

If this just helps one person, I will be extremely pleased as I know the relief from this is just brilliant. GOOD LUCK!!!.

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I also suffer with pain in my calves with my RLS, altho mine progressed to pain in the last couple of years or so. Mine is a deep deep ache and can be very painful. So, i will try the exercise. Thanks ! :)


Yes, I would also describe my pain as a deep deep pain, almost impossible to get at. But when I did manage to locate where the pain was, it would immediately go into a cramp, so I really hope this exercise works for you.


Hi, I have severe RLS but no pain, just an uncontrolable urge to move legs and feet.

will try the stretching and see how I go. Thanks for the suggestion.


why thank you glamourcat.. what a great idea. =)

will be doing those as part of my routine.


I have heard these exercises can help with RLS. Well worth a try, nothing lost and there could well be gain.


In response to Kevmolly44 and Kaarina. These exercises did not stop my urge to move my legs at night, so unfortunately this will not be helpful to you but it could help if you suffer from leg pain especially in the calves.


Yes, this helps -as long as I'm doing the exercise - the pain are back the same moment I stop.

Hope it is better for you others.


Yes, i have found the same, ok while i am doing the stretching exercise, but the pain is there when i stop. To tell the truth anything i have tried has never helped, only my medication and distraction, so two things i guess.


Elisse, Did the doctor ever listen to the pulse in your ankles, feet?

Are you positive that you do not have any narrowing of the arteries?

The fact that you said that it's intense sometimes and that it is bad

when you stop moving , it makes me wonder.. maybe we had this

conversation before? My father had some of the same symptoms and

he ended up getting angioplasty and stents put in his legs. The surgery

is pretty common.. I care, that's why I asked and the same for you

swedish.. both say the pain starts up again after exercise.


Yikes, no never had a doctor listen to the pulse as you have said. I am almost certain the pain is from the RLS, if my meds for RLS are not working so well, then i get the pain, otherwise, no pain. Thanks for caring. :)


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