Stabbing, Needle like pains before RLS kicks in

Does anyone else get stabbing pains in their knees or toes , like someone is pricking you with a needle, just before the RLS starts in one leg or the other? I have noticed it is what jerks me awake as the RLS starts up & just now, I was wide awake & felt as though someone stabbed me 3 times in the knee with a needle & sure enough, the RLS has started up.

Or maybe it's just me. Ah well, off to pace around & stretch...

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  • Yes i do!!! I know for certain it means RLS is coming and fast.I have heard it from a few others too


  • Same thing happens to me.

  • Interesting- definitely a pattern here,


  • I liken it to a crab nipping lol

  • How very interesting. Glad I'm not just imagining a connection Pipps.

  • Joolsg,

    Have you ever had your Vitamin B12 and Folate tested. Pins and needles are a sign of low B12. Check out the symptoms on the PAS forum.

    J 😊🍀

  • It's not pins & needles. It is literally like someone is stabbing me in one small space with a sharp needle. I have MS as well so am very aware what pins & needles is like. Completely different to what I am describing here.

    My B12 & folate levels are fine.

  • Hi Joolsg,

    I get pins and needles in the night from the waist down when the jerks start. Doing about 10 minutes of household chores eases it and I can sleep for an hour or so before a repeat performance. The neurologist sent me for an MRI scan but my spinal cord was OK

  • Hi LoisTonya,

    It's definitely not pins & needles. It is in one very specific place in the big toe or behind my knee & it is like someone has a very sharp needle or knife and is stabbing it deep into one very small area. It only lasts for about a second or two and then the RLS deep seated crawling sensation comes on.


  • If Jools means the same as i experience its not pins n needles just 2/3 quick short sharp stabs x

  • Absolutely Pipps. Nothing like pins & needles.

  • Hi

    I have felt like someone is sticking a pin in the ball of my foot a few times. On reflection my RLS started soon afterwards.

  • Yes- that's what I get. It's sharp enough to make me jump. Sometimes in my big toe, sometimes in the ball of my foot & sometimes behind my knee. I usually get 2 or 3 isolated stabs & then RLS starts up within 5/10 mins.


  • You described it exactly- like a pin prick in my feet and then it starts.

  • OOh, there's definitely a link here isn't there? At least 4 of us with exactly the same stabbing sensation. Bet there are more,


  • Yes I'm sure there are many more. I haven't had it in the knee area yet, though. Many times a single stab in the foot, enough to make me jump up. Soon after an "electric surge" through my legs means no sleep for at least a few hours and pacing round and round the kitchen table.

  • I still get it about once a week & it makes me jump too.

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