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How the heck can I ease the ache?


I normally have it at night but I've had it all day today, I suffer with chronic insomnia and I'm on citalopram, I did have a particularly rough night and was up for work at 6am. Is driving me crackers!!!

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Hello Hartleysjam

Have you been given a diagnosis?

Have you been given any medication yet - if so what ?

You have my total sympathy!!! I take cipralex which I think is the same thing. I got 20 mins sleep.last night. Codeine usually stops the rls and puts me to sleep but I've not taken it for a couple of nights as its not been working as well ....I seem to have got used to the insomnia....usually get to a point where I just crash out for a few hours from sheer exhaustion!!!!


For several weeks I take Sifrol: 2 tablets every day at 7.00 p.m. and it works for 24 hours. I can sleep again!!! I have RLS since I was 12 years and now I'm 65... Befor the Sifrol I used Neupro pads and Tramadol bur that gave me headache. I'm glad i can sit on a chair and sleep again...

I have been on citalopram twice and both times I had RLS every night. Definitely linked to it for me.


Citalopram is a anti-depressant which for some people can make RLS worse. Most anti-d can make RLS worse. If you have been given it for RLS, then you need to try something better. If you are taking the anti-d because you need it, then look at this website and the treatment page which lists all meds for RLS, and what food, drink and medications to avoid


Ooops, i should have also said, you will find in the list of anti-d's to avoid, a couple which doesnt seem to make RLS worse.

Thanks everyone, it's calmed down today but you know what it's like constantly stretching my legs yesterday trying to make it go away has made them ache today! Lol! I used some body shop peppermint leg revival gel which eased it a but and some co dydramol which helped massively!

hi hartleys jam i have had a really bad episode over Xmas which i had no sleep for 7 days at all. ended up at hospital where they gave me diclofenac and diazepam , my rls is caused by degeneration of spine and damaged nerves, but this medication allowed me some sleep had to take 15 mgs of diazepam at first but now down to 5mgs , they did say i can only have the diazepam for 10 days but they are going to get me on to a different one , but , this has worked for me iv had the best nights sleep iv had in 12 years

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Cazz.... = /. 7 nights without sleep? ugh..

I was taking Diclofenac for some time, like 7 yrs for my RA symptoms.

It never did a thing for my RLS but it did make my joints more lubricated

and mobile. It helped some with the inflammation in my body...

Diazepam was prescribed to me once. I took 15 mg of it for a month.

I had vertigo so bad that they knocked me out with that stuff just

to shut me up. I kept crying for help because the room was spinning

with vertigo.. (it was positional vertigo) It lasted 3 weeks.

hi yikes must admit my rls might be caused by the problems i have with the spinal nerves and your right about the joints i ran out of diclofenac 2 days ago am now back to square one. like you said some people it doesnt suit, so im back to restless nights and rls again. i wish they could come up with a cure as my 14 year old gets rls bad and the drs will not give her anything.


I find magnesium oil spray, found in most health shops is the only thing that eases the awful aching dragging feeling, painkillers do not touch it!

It is not very expensive and definitely worth a try I think, ,mine is kept by the bed, and now I find I only need it about twice a week.

Make sure you read the instructions, as the first time I used it, my legs felt as if they were burning and itching, but this is often because of magnesium deficiency, and does not happen now.


I have the exact same ache, all day long. Which is uncomfortable when sitting, trying to sleep and goes when I stand/walk, ect. After my blood test my doctor has said that I am B12 deficient which may contribute to RLS as well as lacking other minerals like iron, I was prescribed B12 tablets, he suggested taking vitamin pills, cutting down caffeine and exercising regularly. Get booked in for a blood test, as you could be deficient in something too.

Best of luck!


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