Restless Legs Syndrome
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Suggestions to alleviate symptoms of RLS

I have suffered from RLS for about 20 years. My doctor has prescribed temazepam 15mg every night at bedtime. It takes about 6 weeks to get into your system but after that it has definitely helped me.

My greatest discomfort is below both knees, mainly but not exclusively at night, and tiredness definitely exacerbates it. Alcohol also has this effect so I no longer drink any alcohol.

If I can get/keep my lower legs cool/cold the discomfort reduces. Therefore I usually sleep with little or no bedding over my lower legs and always wear short nightdresses or pyjamas. About a year ago I purchased (on line) 2 gel-filled pads which I put under my bottom sheet where my legs lie. If the weather is warm, then I keep these in the fridge during the day. They're not particularly cheap, but their effect has been dramatic

The remedies described above have helped me enormously and, by sharing them on this site, I hope I can also help others...

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Sorry I meant amitriptyline NOT temazepam.


Hi Valjo, l also found that keeping my legs cold helps.


Me too!


Amitryptoline is not a good med for rls generally. You are a fortunate individual to seem to be doing ok with it???

Cold pads work for a lot of people - just keeping the legs out from under rhe duvet lowers their temperature by up to 2°C !

I often lie mine up against the wall for coolness.

Thanks for posting.

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Thanks for posting this. It's so interesting to get the spectrum of what works - there's something for everyone!

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