Hypertension medications and RLS

Hi, I have had RLS for many years and have recently been diagnosed with High Blood Pressure for which I now need to take medication. I notice from Dr. Buchfuhrer's Treatment Page that some meds for HBP are helpful for RLS. Before I ask my doctor to prescribe one of these drugs,I wondered if anyone had used blood pressure drugs successfully for RLS. My thinking is that it would be great if I could take only one medication for both these conditions.

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  • Hi Jumpy, unfortunately i dont think you will get alot of relief from BP meds. for RLS. I know it has them as a treatment on Dr. B.'s website, but he keeps saying he must get it removed as they do not really help for RLS. I think, they were used in the past, but found to be not that much benefit for RLS.

  • Thanks Elisse. That may be why when I've emailed him about this he hasn't replied.

  • A member named rtobal had good results with catapres which is used to treat high blood pressure but not heard of anyone else.Look up his post or put catapres in search box

  • Morning p1pp1ns, i guess there are always exceptions to the rule where RLS is concerned. :)

  • Cheers for this. i'll do some more research p1pp1ns

  • Morning! Yes have only ever heard of the one case but his post has always stuck in my mind as it was such a sad story.

  • Hi jumpey. I take Losartan for my BP and does not affect my RLS. Good luck.

  • Thanks for your response Cicek. That's helpful.

  • There is evidence that some high bp drugs are, in fact, rls triggers, namely c-channel blockers such as amlodipine. Avoid these. I stopped them a few years ago. Can't say it made much difference, but you can never prove a negative.

  • Thank you very much Altair for this advice.

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