Restless Legs Syndrome
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1st post - Do I have RLS


This is my first post. I have been getting these strange symptoms in my legs on and off for a few months now.

Firstly I got sudden muscle contractions at the side of my thigh muscle. It happened whilst I was laid on the sofa in the evening. This happened a few evenings then stopped.

I then started to get strange feelings in my calf muscles but different to the ones in my thighs. The feelings in my calves are more like a rumbling and seem to only occur whislt resting. If I look at them I can see a movement in the calf muscles.

I have been to the G.P. and had bloods taken and all are O.K. and she said I may have RLS and prescribed me Quinine. I have not taken it yet as last week I had no symptoms at all.

The ones in the calves came back last night again whilst watching T.V

During the night I woke up and my whole body was jerking, only for a few seconds but it really frightened me.

As I am typing this my calves are at it again and starting really annoy me.

Can anyone please advise if this sounds like RLS

I am hypothyroid and take levothyroxine, along with other supplements including iron, Vitamin B12, B Complex and Vitamin C

Any advice would be gratefully received.

Many thanks browny

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Look up the rls criteria on www.rls must have the urge to move and I notice you don't mention this x



Thank you for your reply, no I really do not get the urge to move as such, I sometimes feel I need to stretch my legs though.

I will check out the rls website.

Thank you


Hi Browny. I did a nickel's worth of research and found that people who have thyroid problems (both hypo and hyper?) can have symptoms you describe, including neuropathy. Some people reported that symptoms disappeared when their FT3 (?) came up and or when they paid out of pocket for Armour (?). Took about 8 weeks on Armour to resolve.

Do the legs force you out of bed at night because you simply must move?


Thanks for your reply, I do not have to get out of bed at night, the feeling is annoying but I do not get the urge to move them but sometimes feel I need to stretch them.



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