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Do I have RLS or not?


Hi everyone

I'm not sure if I have RLS but I was wondering if you could help me out so that I know.

I get an annoying tickly feeling that gets better if I rub it or stretch it. The thing that confuses me is that I only get this in my left arm and my left arm only. I've been swimming and it makes my muscles tired and I don't notice it and sometimes I don't actually notice these feelings in my arm at all so I don't know if I have it or not. I mainly feel it when I don't have my mind set on anything or have anything to think about so I really don't know. I've had this feeling in my arm for a week now but it's gotten better and less noticeable through the week. I'm wondering if anyone can help me out, much appreciated.


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The European Journal of Neurology reported a new single question for the rapid screening of RLS in the neurological clinical practice - "When you try to relax in the evening or sleep at night, do you ever have unpleasant, restless feelings in your legs that can be relieved by walking or movement?“. This question has 100% sensitivity and 96.8% specificity for the diagnosis of RLS.

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Mattbutler14 in reply to Kaarina

No I don't get any feelings in my legs at all and I never have been. I don't feel the need to walk around to relieve it either because there is no feeling in my legs anyway.

Manerva in reply to Mattbutler14

Hi Mathew, the question posted by Kaarina is a rapid screening question and for most people sufficent to decide on further investigation or not.

As you say you have no feelings in your legs it makes the siituation a little more complicated.

As one possible way of getting around this issue, as you get the sensations you describe in your arm, you can ask yourself the same questioin, substituting "arms" for "legs" and removing "walking".

Some people do get RLS symptoms in their arms, however this is probably most frequenly after receiving RLS treatment for some time.

I also wonder if you have just no feeling in your legs, or if you have no movement either. RLS is mainly a problem with motor nerves rather than sensory nerves so this might make a difference. I mention this as I also get involintary movements in my legs which I call "twitching".

A key part of the question however is "When you try to relax in the evening or sleep at night, " i.e. if you don't get your symptoms at this time, but do at other times, then it is unlikely to be RLS as RLS is a circadian disorder i.e. related to the time of day.

LotteM in reply to Kaarina

Kaarina, thank you for posting that question here. I think it is extremely useful and valuable. Not only for diagnosis, but also to explain what RLS is. We just have to add to or replace the “unpleasant” by something stronger. Unbearable, for example.

Joolsg in reply to LotteM

Absolutely Lotte. It’s so insulting to describe it as ‘unpleasant’. The doctors who came up with that description clearly do not suffer from RLS.

Unbearable is a much better description.

Id read up on it & consult your doctor

Hi Matt,

I have had RLS in varying degrees for many years with Augmentation which means I frequently get pains and twitching in upper body, arms, shoulders, etc. But, I also get tingling and pains in my arms, mostly right arm, due to pressure on a nerve in my armpit and this has nothing to do with RLS. I think it is caused by sleeping or sitting positions, as it is better when I sleep on my back, or sit up straight rather than slouching.

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