Hi, gp thinks I have RLS..I'm on quinine . Does it work

I have two prolapsed discs in neck and one lower back. Awful pain neck, shoulders, arm and right leg and neuro pain. I have just started experiencing my legs jerking and I feel like spiders crawling over my legs. I'm on amytriptyline, pregabalin. Zomorph, oramorph, nefopam, naproxen and now just had quinine to see if it helps. I'm desperate for sleep. Feeling miserable

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  • Right. I'm new to this, but apparently quinine doesn't work and amytripyline is contraindicated as it can make RLS symptoms much worse.

    Someone else will be able to be more specific, I'm only parroting what I've read. I've not been diagnosed although I'm 99.9% sure that's at least part of what's going on.

    Hope you get better answers soon and I'm sorry for your pain x

  • Thanks for replying. Now I think about it, amytriptyline may be making it worse. When I'm in really chronic neck pain I take 50 mg amytriptyline and this is when I'm getting the RLS. I'm usually on 25 mg of amytriptyline as I feel so tired and feel drunk the next day

    I've had 6 hrs sleep all week. Sleep deprivation, neck pain and RLS driving me so mad

  • My 3 hours last night seems bliss compared to your situation :(

    Maybe talk to your doc about the amytriptyline and the possibility of RLS? I was suggested to bring a print out of the FAQs sheet from the RLS website with me to present to the doc. Do you know which site I'm on about? I can find you the link if you aren't. Having read it corner to corner, I can assure it's pretty comprehensive.

  • Thanks for the info. I shall take a look

  • Hi Wellwoman, Ashkat is right, firstly quinine should never be used for RLS, it doesnt work for RLS, its for cramps. Also there is a FDA warning on quinine, it can cause serious health issues. I really dont know why doctors give quinine for RLS, they should do their research. Also that anti-depressant sounds like the culprit for your RLS, most anti-depressants can make RLS worse. I see you are taking pain meds already, so dont know what else to suggest for you. But stopping the anti-depressant could at least make your RLS symptoms less.

  • No quinine is for treating malaria, although still used in UK for nocturnal cramp it is banned for anything except malaria in USA due to it being association with heart problems. It is not a treatment for rls.

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