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I have recently started pramipexole 0.088mg per night as advised by sleep clinic for my periodic limb movement disorder.I am now sleeping longer periods but still have completely un refreshing sleep.My doctor didn't even know what periodic limb movement disorder was! -I had to argue to get this medication prescribed at all due to the host of other meds I am on ..but really desperate to sort out my sleep as need to get back to work..any advice what I can try please? Increased dose or alternatives I can request? Thanks xxx

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  • Hi sarahbichonlover i too am on pramipexole and have problems with the tiredness and constantly falling asleep. From what i can gather its a side effect of the tablet so you may have to try something else. Nightdancer or elisse will be able to tell you which ones might be a better alternative. If you look for some of their posts you will get a good idea of what to try instead.

  • Ok thanks.i am not overly tired and do sleep for longer periods but still am unwell with cysts,sore throats constantly and my sleep never makes me feel refreshed!

  • I also take pramipexole, at increasing dosages to make it work. Recently my doctor added gabapentin. It's working. I sleep at least 4 uninterrupted hours per night.

  • Hi

    Can i ask what dose of prami do u take?I tried two last night and although I do sleep enough hours I have unrefreshing sleep and feel the same when I wake as the night before..

  • I take 0.0125 mg 5 times a day. So if I do the math that's (um) 0.625 mg per day. But it has to be spread throughout the day or it just makes it worse. On top of that I now take 300 mg of gabapentin at bedtime. My sleep is restful.

  • Hi Sarah, thats the difference with RLS and PLMD, you may be sleeping enough, but as you are kicking in your sleep, you dont feel as if you have slept at all. The Pramipexole may not be the answer for you. You might have to try something else or add another med to it, and see if that works. Sorry the two pills didnt work for you as regarding stopping the kicking in the night.

  • Thanks ..I read in the British national formulary ( GP's drug book) I can take upto 5 pramipexole a night...I am trying two or three tonight maybe with a sip of morphine .I am always pretty resistant to medication tbh..I will try anything within reason!!

  • Yes, Pramipexole can go higher, but for RLS its being recommended not more than two pills now, that is the latest info for RLS because of augmentation. For PLMD i havent a clue. I need to find that out. Yes try two pills and add in a low dose of morphine. It will be trial and error, finding what will work.

  • Hi I started taking 2x pramipexole 6 months ago and it relived RLS but it took me 3 months or so to get back into a sleep paten,,,,

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