What really helps?! I'm desperate for some decent sleep!

Night, after night I struggle to sleep.. tossing, turning, it's even effecting my relationship because my partner gets agitated with my jittering arms and legs, moving and stretching in the bed whilst she tries to sleep, let along my periodic limb movement when I actually manage to drift off! The ONLY time I am able to get any sleep at all, is when I take Opioide based medication like Codiene Phosphate. This comes with its side effects, and I have became reliant on it now without doubt. What else am j meant to do though, I am a young woman of nearly 30, my GP mentions about Parkinsons meds, but I feel that would just be testing fate - plus, knowing my luck, Augmentation would soon follow and make things worse. I am just beyond exhausted, and trying to just carry on like normal.. it's just so hard! What can I do or try?!

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  • I stopped sharing a bed with my husband 20 yrs ago because he wasn't getting any sleep because of my twitching and I was worried I'd wake him so tried to keep still, which is impossible. It actually made our relationship stronger sleeping apart so maybe think about different beds. Intimacy & closeness is still possible without sharing a bed.

    If you have severe RLS & PLM then you will probably need to rely on medication, so talk through the options with your doctor. As you say, the opioids work well for RLS and if you are getting sleep, that is better for you than worrying about dependence. We are all dependent on our meds- addiction is not the same thing.

    A number of people on here are lucky enough to have success by just changing their diet (following low FODMAPS for example) or taking supplements like magnesium and Ferrous bisglycinate. If you really don't want to use meds, try that first and see how you get on.

    Also, look on the RLS UK website and check the meds which can make RLS worse, like most anti histamines and a lot of anti depressants. Also avoid alcohol and caffeine and don't exercise close to bedtime- do exercise earlier in the day. Try hot baths last thing at night and stretches; all help to ease the twitches.

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  • Hi we all have our different meds ,I think you ought to have a think about which is better, on meds and being able to sleep 😴 Or suffering and making life miserable for both of you , you can try and keep the amount you take down low just enough so it works for you ,talk to your Dr find something that works there are a lot of different meds out there ,and my hubby and I have a king size bed which helps if I have bad nights there's room for him to move away, as I have sleep apnea( that makes you move in sleep as well )don't panic get it sorted

  • Rather than look for a medication which will probably only ask the symptoms, keep a diary of what you've eaten in a day and the level of RLS symptoms. See if ou can see a pattern. I realised that the problems disappeared One night when I hadn't had sandwiches or bread and marg. (trying to be healthy). I assumed that it was caused by something in bread, so I avoided it, but then had a few bad nights. Turned out it was E202 preservative which is in almost every margarine and many dips and sauces. I have also found that caffeine is a mild trigger for me.

  • Even if you eliminate triggers you will most likely not eliminate the RLS. Medication is still a huge part of helping us all cope. It's just a question of what medicine works for you. For me it's gabapentin.

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