I'n new here.

I have occasional restless legs, usually in the evening when watching tv and feel otherwise relaxed. I wonder if anyone also has what I think is a related condition called periodic limb movement in sleep (PLMS). Thankfully it's a while since I've had an experience of this but I found it quite alarming when I first had an attck. For anyone who doesn't know it involves lots of involuntary twitches and spasms all over the body. I find that it happens just at the point of going off to sleep.


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  • Hi book man welcome, Around 60% of those with RLS also have PLMD. The vast majority of PLMD occurs whilst sleeping and it is more trouble for the sleep partner as they often get kicked!  This is known as PLMDS  (sleep ) .A smaller proportion of sufferers have it whilst awake known as PLMDWA. If any sensations are present no matter how mild then the involuntary movements are classes as RLS. It is only PLMDWA  in the absence of any urge to move sensations I have all 3 conditions. ..Pipps x 

  • Hi Bookman, I have the periodic limb movement at night but usually am not aware of it, but my husband sure is.  He says that sometimes I jerk quite hard.  I have had RLS since I was in my late thirties.  Then it was very mild but over the years has gotten progressively worse.  I am no 74 and it keeps me awake at night quite a bit.  I was on Mirapex and that took a toll on my body with the augmentation.  Now I just take Percocet in very small doses and it helps, but around 11PM the symptoms start up and usually last for about an hour or so until I take Trazadone and another half a pill of Percocet.  Good luck with this terrible thing they call RLS.  I wish there was a better name for it than Restless legs as people just don't understand it who don't have it.

  • Thanks for this insight Beckonwood.

  • All 3 Pipps, that's bad luck.

  • Hi periodic limb movement disorder seems to go hand and hand with RLS some people are lucky and only have the one ,I've both ,but know nothing about my. PLMD as it happens when I'm asleep ,it's my poor other half that knows but he's ok with it just moves over in the bed ,,what meds are you on?

  • Hi Mopsy1950, I'm not actually on any meds for this although the neurologist considered it. Thanks.

  • Hi ,,you are very lucky not to be on meds hope you get away with it for a very long time and keep us informed about any new relevant info 

  • For a long time I thought the two were the same, (and indeed am still confused at PLMD when people are awake!). 

    You will find many here who suffer like you.You are very welcome here, hope you get answers.

  • Thanks Raffs

  • Hi, that's called RLS I get it when I'm awake or asleep. My whole body including my legs jerk vigorously. 

  • Rls is when you HAVE to move the limbs to get relief from the sensation. 

    PLMD is when there is INVOLUNTARY movement of the limb usually when you're  asleep. 

    Finally- at the point of just going to sleep there is an auto switch off from the brain that is like a switch to turn off the muscles- this can produce a little 'shock' and can actually wake  you up.

    Are we all sorted now?😎

  • Hi Madlegs, this is a really useful description of how these conditions differ. I do still get RLS quite frequently but I can go for months without having the PLMD.

  • I have that and sometimes feels like there is something inside making you twitch and shudder . I'm not talking about the one before you drop of to sleep , these are different . The restless legs are the worst though and when it's bad for me it affects my whole body .Try not to worry because it won't go away , in my case it has not . Like pippins I have the three  . Hope you feel better soon . I rather have the awake one , although I found it strange at first . X

  • I agree with you about the sensation not being the same as the one before going to sleep. For me it's shortly after going to sleep and it makes my whole body twitch and go into spasm even my jaw and the muscles around my stomach. When I first experienced it I felt really disturbed by it trying to force myself to stop. 

  • Hi , yes if you can just go with it . I know it's such a weird feeling though . Take care of yourself 😇

  • Hi I will all three liked Pipin when I am a sleep my body jerks and sometimes my whole body lifts of the bed  but most likely the time my wife gets it and she could not cope with it so we now sleep in separate beds Welcome to the group I wish I did not have to say that because RLS is a terrible afliction

  • I woke really tired at 5.20 this morning. Each time I drifted off to sleep I had a spasm which woke me. If I lie awake I am relatively ok with my legs fairly calmly moving about but if I drift of-bang-a spasm wakes me. I gave up at  6.00

  • RLS seems to occur  when ever I am sitting resting or lying down trying to sleep.

    I have it in my legs. Could not cope with arms as well.

    seeing a neurologist about my RLS on Thursday 12th may. First time in many years of suffering RLS. See what he has to say. Keep you posted.

  • Thanks Cumoneileen, please do let us know

  • Thanks everyone for your replies. This has made me realize that I'm not alone with this condition and many of you suffer a lot more than I do. I feel much better informed now.

  • Hi all,

    I had an attack of PLMS a few nights ago. It was quite a strong one, as always just after going to sleep. Although it's a weird feeling I've decided to just try to go with it as Matrix suggested. I remember the neurologist suggesting it might be a dream or nightmare. I don't think it is as it's so vivid and I can even feel the spasms fade away as it burns out. I've tried to think of an association with something I've been eating or drinking e.g. coffee but there doesn't seem to be a consistent connection.

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