Hey I'm twm im 28I'm new on here and I need help I'm really new to all this and quit frankly scared can some one help me

My legs don't stop shaking and I'm in constent pain, I get moments where I get intenseve pain that and they tense up,fit, cramp and got to the point where I nearly passout, times where I can't get out of bed because my legs are to week, and times where they are to stiff to move so what ever this condition is how do I controll it.

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  • At your doctor appointment, ask to have your potassium checked

  • Hi, i would see your doctor. I am not sure you actually have RLS from what you are describing...

  • Check all possible causes of your symptom, as Elisse has replied you may not have RLS, which is a good fortune.

  • I'm really sorry to hear about the trouble you have with your legs. Like everybody else, I'm wondering whether you have seen a doctor for this?

    I hope that not can find some relief term soon

  • I'm sure you'll be fine soon, sorry you're scared but you're doing the right thing by seeing doctors. Love s x

  • Hi there. I agree with everyone you need to get a diagnosis because it may not be RLS. Well done for reaching out and saying you're scared. It's normal to be frightened when we feel there's something wrong . Now you can get support.x

  • I just read your profile and like p1pp1ns i see you have been to see your doctor. RLS, rarely comes on rapidly and out of the blue. Can i ask what pointed you to this forum for RLS, has your doctor said he/she thinks that is what you have. If your doctor has said it might be RLS, then there isnt a test for that, but tests can rule some stuff out and find what is wrong. Keep in touch and let us know what your tests reveal. If there are any questions you want to ask, then fire away, some one usually has an answer.

  • irlssg.org/diagnostic-crite...

    Here is some info which might help you or your doctor on whether you have RLS. Some doctors are more knowledgeable about RLS than others.

  • Hey guys thank you for all your replies it truely am greatfull I have seen my doctor and I have seen a neirologist and am await results by what I have read it does sound similar bt I'm not saying it is rls Ecuador it could be a number of different conditions I come to this web site because one of the doctors mentioned it could be so that's why I thought I should see and read I just hpeni can get a proper diagnosis quickly thank you for your surport I'm still coming to terms with what ever it is I have and it's nice to be able to speak to people with similar condition as me thank you

  • Are you taking any magnesium &/or potassium?. I had similar but not as serious things going on and magnesium really helped. Have your dr run some mineral tests. If this is RLS, I use a hand vibrator on my calves with good success. Sure hope this help. So sorry for your misery.

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