Restless Legs Syndrome
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hi im new to this and have some questions please

I have been told I have an anxiety disorder and a huge part of my symptoms is my legs feel very shaky and ache all the time down the side of my chins also my ham string are aching and feel like a dull heavy feeling but I get this every day it feels a little like I can feel my blood bubble through my leg vains could I be suffering with rls

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RLS can be made worse for some when you get stressed or anxious. Having an anxiety disorder doesnt cause RLS. Some of the symptoms you have explained sound like RLS, but you HAVE to have the urge to move your legs, movement gives relief. Look at the criteria link i have put on here for some one else who is asking for their mother.

It will give you a better idea if you do have RLS.

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I do feel the need to move my legs when I am standing all the time I also need to stretch my fwwt out when my chins hurt


I can't say that being stressed or anxious has ever made my RLS react in any way. If I have had a more than usual busy day, that's when I find RLS is worse. I would desperately want to rest, but one leg will start to get very hot which always tells me that the twitching and jumping will soon follow and after I get that leg calm, the other starts!! I don't think everyone gets the burning sensation in the legs, but I have always had it.


It seems a lot of people experience RLS in different manners but I have been to some very good neurologists and pain clinics and they have never contributed it or even mentioned high anxiety with



I have been to some very good neurologists and top doctors in the pain clinic and have never had RLS mentioned with High anxiety. I too suffer from anxiety but it has never been said it has anything

to do with RLS. I would ask the doctor if high anxiety is associated with an imbalance in the dopamine in your system because my doctors have said it stems from the same part of the brain as Turrets and Parkinson. In my particular case it isn't so much pain but like a terrible jumpiness deep inside that won't settle down and makes you unable to sleep or rest. However I am not a doctor but just offering what I have ben told. Good luck!


Anxiety is have to watch the body's reactions to stress..for me I

carry stress in my neck and shoulders, middle of my times of stress, I

have to make my back tall and neck tall, keep my shoulders down...they want to

compress, I want to slouch, I want to raise the shoulders up to protect my ears...

If I don't it leads to headaches, backaches...pain that anyone would get from tensing

muscles all day long...there is really such a thing as wrinkles on the face that are worry

lines..did you ever look in the mirror when you are worried? The face muscles change

the look on your face a does disgust and all works together to make

pain and wrinkles that will stay make an effort to release the facial expressions..

(or just keep it up and burn more calories) haha.. some people, a lot of people get anxiety mixed up with actual panic attacks..its true that there are a million reasons that both exist..

It can be negative thinking or even be your own view of yourself..maybe you do feel like your world is coming apart especially when the body is not functioning properly...those negative feelings turn into an attitude...You start acting the way that you feel...usually

if you are acting the part of hostile, shaken, nasty, short...then that's what people see when they look at probably see yourself the same way..but people like that make us nervous..we don't desire to be like that so we have a war going on of who we want to be, our ideal self...and the horrible self...over time...its just easier to go with the bad the behavior mimics the feeling and there you are, someone that you hate is how you see yourself...that's the reflection..depression is the place that welcomes listen to music like Pink Floyd, sad songs..and garbage in, garbage's a hopeless cycle..

the person that you once were is absent...the person that you think you are is evil, bad..or

hopeless, you have two choices, well three actually..

a.) live as is miserable, make everyone around you feel the same.

B) you can remove yourself from earth and make every elses' life a living hell, especially for the kids who will probably do just what you did - kids mimic what they see...

C) or you can change your views..decide to make the best of it..make your life worth living.

I cannot think of any more choices..but there it you need to decide which one

you want to do..each choice involves all of the people that you say that you love...

If a friend , Which one would you choose for the person that you love the most?

Do you really want people to pick up after your dead body and to be the one to find the dead you really want for people to walk in on whatever you are doing to yourself?

Do you really want your kids to choose that path? What would you choose for your own kids to do if they were you and you were them? Can you see the giant scars that you will

cause to the people that you love? Can you see the suffering that they will have without you?

Is the (A) option somewhere that you would want your kids, people that you love to end up?

Is that the place that you would drop your kid in? Family didn't have a choice..they are together through thick and thin..they have to love you even if you mess up a zillion times..

that's your safe zone and if it isn't ...go make yourself a family..alone..or join a club..

Ask yourself if you are satisfied living here? Is that any fun for you, your family?

C) That's the hardest work that you will ever do in your life...its a world of trying and

winning, losing, hurting, loving, being lovable..acceptance is in is happiness but you have to work at it..constantly...self reliance is the most important have to

be held accountable for your actions, you need to learn to separate the deeds from the person and you have to dig deep to find our who you are, what you can do! if You get

out of your bed You will not fail..not today...if you do even one more thing each day, you will not be a failure..You will learn just like a baby learns to stand up and will start to figure things will be a problem solver, a person with little will try it or keep trying until you in heart stops beating.. you will fall down, get hurt, but you will progress and learn just like the baby who tries so hard to walk and with practice, you will get can even teach others someday....Life will be reborn in you ...truly..

Goes silent... XX Karen


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