Restless Legs Syndrome

Does anyone else have to have their feet and lower legs freezing cold to get into bed with? If mine are warmer then the twitching gets worse

I'm so fed up of only getting 2 hours max sleep every night. I now dread bedtime even though I feel tired all day. I have to get my feet icy cold otherwise the twitching starts as soon as I get into bed which drives me insane.!

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Hi linz, Mine is the opposite! I have to have my legs and feet warm and eear bed socks in bed even in summer.Just goes to show what an individual condition rls is, what works for one makes another worse.Hope you get a better night tonight


I like my feet to be cold too, otherwise my RLS starts up.. The summer months can be a pain at night, even tho i prefer the summer to the winter. I use a free standing fan at the end of my bed directed at my legs and feet, that seems to help and my feet are also hanging out of the bed covers.


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