Am I the only sufferer of RLS to have found relief in rubbing Dove liquid soap over lower legs and feet before bed time,

I leave it on all night and shower off next morning. Have had nine weeks relief now, just as good as drug I had to come off. PLEASE TRY IT, I can't believe I am the only person who thinks this daft thing works. I sleep so well at the moment, just hope it continues.

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  • Do it have to be Dove or is any liquid soap ok? I'll try with the one I have this night. How to protect the sheets?

  • Hi, not sure if any work, the site I found it on said dove, so that is the only one I have tried. it is dry when you get into bed and smells lovely, so no problem with sheets. Hope you get same relief.

  • But, what does the label say, so we know which one you are talking about for those who actually want to try it? I won't be, but I am sure others will. There are like 2 dozen kinds of dove soap or more, liquid and otherwise.

  • Which type of Dove liquid soap is it as I would like to give this a try.

  • You are going to smell so good..

  • Hi, just the dove beauty cream hand wash that you get in the dispensers for the bath room, so cheap and last ages. Cost abot £1 - £2. The one I buy is white, not sure if the cream coloured one has the same ingredients. I swear by it, hope you find the same relief.

  • can you tell us what the label says for ingredients, please? here are many, many kinds, so exactly what does the label say for information's sake?

  • you mentioned magnesium on another post. I have checked out the list of ingredients in Dove soap in the past and there is no magnesium in Dove as far as I can find. Maybe it is the massaging action? Because I know people who say to use Dove, Dial, Ivory, Irish Spring, it changes every year. Are you on any meds at all now? It would be hard to say it is the soap if you are taking any meds, too. I have never met anyone, except the very rare post in my groups, that has luck with the soap thing. I have an RLSer that is a chemist and his first job was in a soap factory. He has interesting things to say.

  • and I have tried it, a long time ago, but tried almost every kind of soap just to prove to myself. I do believe in the placebo effect, though.

  • I also believe in the placebo effect, but wouldn't expect it to last so long, especially as I didn't expect this daft idea to work in the first place. But it has and, so far, so good. If it stops working, I will be back on here to say so. The post I read about it having magnesium in, was where another person had a chemist friend and who said that one of the ingredients in it was otherwise known as magnesium.

  • hmmmmmmmm, and what ingredient would that be? Do you remember which one? because I have never heard of that. usually magnesium is listed as magnesium. Either way, I am glad it is working for YOU. ;) Cheers! I hope it keeps up!

  • I promise that I have a cousin that uses dial soap on the legs

    (she lets it dry) and that it ended her leg cramps. I can't

    believe that's even possible but she swears by it and now I

    know several other's in the family are trying it.. heard back

    from her father that it sure does work... Maybe for them, it's

    the placebo effect, maybe it's a true discovery. I tried it for

    rls.. I sure smelled good but I didn't have much luck and

    my legs dried out a whole I gave up after a week.

  • I will be trying this as soon as I remember to buy some!!!!!

  • we have to find out which one she is using first. I would love a list of ingredients on the one she is using, with the name of it. There are dozens.

  • I know the one she means. the shop i work in sells it!

  • Haha! You have no excuse about not remembering, thedragon, if where you work sells it! ;) :)

  • Yes it smells gorgeous but it's the relief I get that makes me love it. And yes it is drying, but I started to moisturise after morning shower now and that is helping.

  • I don't doubt you for a minute. I've heard it said about

    ivory soap, dial and now dove.. people say that they

    have to change the bar of soap if they put it under

    the covers next to them but you, my dear, and my cousin

    are the only ones that slathers it on your legs all over... =)

    I love your spirit of adventure and trial...I did try it as well.

  • Woolyhat, I`m so happy that you have found something that works for you and to be honest, it doesnt matter a bit whats in it ......if it works for you ....fantastic!!!!!!

  • Thank you the dragon, that's what I think, I didn't know I had to have a BSc to leave a post.

  • will defiantly try this one I have just had 5weeks without RLS it was fantastic don't no why wrote a blog on this web saying so but it as returned with a vengeance

  • To me it would seem by far the easiest solution, Wollyhat to provide a link here as to which one you are actually using and then people interested can find out the ingredients.

    This one?

    Kaarina :)

  • The first one you see when you go into the above site, that's all I buy. white bottle, blue top

  • Great, well, that is sorted for anyone wishing to try.;) Worth trying because if it does not work, not all is lost, you can use it for the washing of hands! Nothing lost but perhaps for some, everything gained, even if for a short while.

  • Good idea, i just looked at the link and there are many many different types, probably with a degree of difference in the ingredients in them all.

  • I would have thought that having liquid soap on your legs would make them sticky. I have found that drinking tonic water when I have symptoms is quite helpful.

  • I do really think that it is the rubbing on the legs , lika a massage, that can give som release rather than the soap it self.

    Tonic water can be ok if you have the secundary type but it does not help if you have the primary type.

  • Its the quinine in tonic water that is supposed to help, and you would have to probably drink a lot. But quinine is not recommended for RLS, quinine used to be given by doctors many years ago, because they didnt know much about RLS, quinine should only be used for malaria these days.

  • I just read about putting Dove soap on my restless legs a few days ago on another website and I tried it and it works wonders! I rub a dry bar of Dove soap all over my legs and feet and leave it on and go to sleep. I don't know how it works but it does! So glad I don't have to take pills for this.

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