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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Hi, can anyone tell me,if there is a good time to apply the neupro patches. I put mine on at 7pm and from about 10pm I have trouble with the

rls. I am on 2 mg and have been using them for two weeks. Also when I do sleep sometimes have some scary dreams. Just wondered if maybe I am putting them on at the wrong time. Or maybe they need to be 3mg. Be interested to hear how anyone else is coping. Thanks a lot.

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After 2 weeks, you should have had more than 3 hrs relief by now. Everyone seems to put their patches on at a time which they have found to suit them. I know i did when i was using them.. But, to me it sounds as if you need to go to the 3mg patch. I didnt have any scary dreams when i was using them....


Well I've been on the patches for several years and find the time I change them varies due to various teasons. I haven't really found much difference but would normally put a fresh one on late afternoon. They don't give me scary dreams but everyone's different. If only it was an exact science!

I wouldn't increase the dose unless you have to incase you develop sensitivity to them ( I did and I've gone down to 1 mg). The larger the dose the larger the patch.

Good luck



Hi, Ive been using neupro patches for 3-4 years now, and I have recently started changing my patch at 7pm instead of 7am. It does suit me better for a few reasons. I found I sometimes forgot to change my patch in the morning so needless to say my day was hell if i'd gone to work or college until i could get home to change it. And I also found that as the patch wore off when I woke in the morning I had to get up because my arms or legs just went crazy. So hence the change to evening instead of morning. it took me a year to realise this, though. All in all the neupro patch is the med for me, I hope you find something that works for you.


Hi, I've found the best time of day to put my 3mg patch on is in the morning. I have no restless legs symptoms during the day, or strange dreams and sleep like a baby. I've had the patches since Dec '13 and have found its the best thing ever. Hope this helps.


I used to use 4mg at about 6 pm but always left the old ones on till they fell off so I was always covered, they usually lasted about 2 days. I got fed up with the patches and the itching and the red marks and went on to Pramipexole tablets which are much better,

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Experiment. I take in morning and take off at night to avoid those vivid scary dreams. I am the most lovable and loving person I have ever met, yet some, when I have those scary dreams, I am usually carrying a gun looking for a gun fight. I do enjoy the dreams when I fly. Not in a plane, but like an angel.


I put my 3mg patches on about an hour before going to bed, supplemented by 3 Gabapentin tabs and find that relief lasts until the following night. Agree about the scary dreams - more like hallucinations, as they occur within minutes of dropping off and seem really real - I find myself fighting to 'wake' from them. Oddly, I found that these only occurred whent falling asleep on my stomach (when I 'hallucinated' that a massive suffocating weight was being applied to my back), so I now adopt a side-on sleeping position and don't experience problems now. By-the-by: my pharmacy was unable to source these patches when my prescription expired at the end of last week, so was forced to fall back on some old Requip tabs for a couple of nights - when I didn't get a wink of sleep for 48 hours the pain was so bad. Thankfully I've been re-supplied with the patches and think they're the best thing ever.


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