Restless Legs Syndrome

I think I'm getting better

I think I'm getting better

I'm not using untidepresants, antibiotics, reducing patches to nealy nil, sleeping better. But I'm still with a lot of pain, joint pain and lost huge flexibility, very hard getting up from floor, sometimes hard getting up and down stairs. I could flex my legs very good and do yoga but now my legs are very painful to bend at my knees. I'm trying to swap pregavalin for gavapentin because I think this is the cause of leg pain. I am on a diet of not grains and very low carbs, no sugar, no dairy. I feel more energy and the infection I had is gone.

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Howdy. Could it be the cold weather that is playing havoc with your joints. Right now my husband is on antibiotics for prostatitis and he says every joint in his body hurts so maybe once the antibiotics are completely out of your system the pain will be gone???


I too have joint pain. Some of it is obviously arthritic joint pain but there is that pain, that

seems directly to dystonia in my hands, ankles and face. I.have serious neuropathy in

my feet and lower legs with aggravating RLS in feet, hands, arms and possibly other areas. I get numerous sharp, jabbing pains, of short duration all over my body" They

Seem to indicate some sort of neuroactivity. I would like to know, if anyone else with similar symptoms has had a diagnosis

similar symptoms has had a diagnosis. His

might help Mispiernas too.Gnome this is



Hi Mispiernas

I am sorry to hear about your joint pain etc. Not the best time of year for aches and pains is it? I too suffer from joint pain and to keep me going I exercise and walk as much as I can daily and also take anti inflammatory meds each day. This helps me. I have had to go without anti inflams pre ops and have tried other times to stop taking them but the pain/discomfort for me is much worse without these little pills. They are pain dullers only, no miracle cure! It is good that you feel more energetic and the infection has disappeared.



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