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RLS-UK Newsletter Winter 2013

The winter edition of the RLS-UK newsletter will be sent to RLS-UK members this week. Following up on presentations at our AGM earlier this month, it will be accompanied by an information sheet (provided to us by an RLS specialist) listing various RLS medications, their respective minimum and maximum doses, details of how long they work for and also details of their respective side-effects. In addition there is a chart indicating RLS treatment options for consideration by your GP or specialist.

If you are an RLS-UK charity member, keep an eye on your postbox as this is probably one of the most useful resources we have been able to supply to our members. If you are not a member, why not join us at - it is only through members that we can continue to grow and spread awareness of RLS. Membership is £10 per year.

Thank you.

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Look forward to getting it :)

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Yes, so am I. :-D

By the way, the foldaway bag that says 'Too tired to shop' on one side, that I purchased at the AGM is soooo useful and goes everywhere with me. It is a magic bag as I can get so much in it and wear it over the shoulder comfortably. I am so pleased that I bought two while I was there. :) One of those magic bags is never enough! One to wear on each shoulder perhaps. ;)


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