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Restless Legs Syndrome
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RLS, anti d`s and Me!

I thought I would write a bit of a blog about my recent events, in the hope it may help someone else. Last year I started taking cipralex (ssri). I really needed it at the time and now realise i have a long term depressive problem. It made me so much better, and I began to feel the way I`ve always thought I should feel. I can cope and life has changed dramatically. Unfortunately, so did the RLS. Symptoms intensified and went on for much longer to the point where I wasn`t sleeping much at all and living on painkillers.

After a lot of thought and research, I went back to my doctor and she changed me to venlafaxine (SNRI). I had to reduce the cipralex slowly and take a break for a few days then start the new drug slowly. I am now up to the full dose. I was ok up until the end of the first week of taking the new drug, but then my mood went through the floor. It got so bad that I almost went back to the cipralex. Then yesterday, I had a wave of peace and now feel back to (MY) normal. thank God!! I was so afraid it wasnt going to work, because......my RLS symptoms are now about 75% better and dont last too long, I am getting a reasonable amount of sleep and feel good in myself.

I have no idea why different types of anti d should have such a different impact on RLS!

So I hope my experience can help another sufferer!!!

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so glad to hear your feeling better Dragon xx

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sounds like you've had a rough time Dragon hopefully the light at the end of the tunnel gets brighter for you :) <<hugs>> , strange how different drugs have effect on RLS and not always good ones Xx


Aw..you were reaching out to others while you were going through this.

What a sweetheart you are. I am very glad that your depression lifted

again. You did encourage me to switch over from Paxil to Organic Paxil

type of Anti d. The change is smooth........you probably just fixed a mystery..

I can't cry or feel much and I bet that's why....I switched !!!! Thank you!!!

I send to you lots of thanks, appreciation and wishes that you continue to

do so well on your new medicine. <3


Thanks everyone. Yikes did you have any problems switching at all and is it any better now. Has it made any difference?

The thing I can't get my head round is that one year on anti ds has shown me how "wrong" my well being has been all my life! And I thought I'd lost it there for a while!

I suppose it's something I was born with....genetic, chemical,environmental?.I would like to understand more and see what others feel. Maybe life is just too complicated these days..maybe we will wear ourselves out and die off! Was life cleaner and simpler 200 years ago? Wandering mind!!!!! A peaceful night to all !!! X x x x

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Well done...life and wellness is sometimes a mystery and we have to be our own detective to sort it out...no-one knows better ...but it is hard to keep track of symptoms and drug effects, when you are sleep deprived. I thought (4 years ago) that I was v.depessed and went to a councillor, but discovered through reading, that I had RLS. So, at first the ropinorole was like a miracle and getting some sleep re-balanced my mood. However, since then things have not been easy due to the effects of the drugs.


thankyou x


I switched it and I am having a bit of a overkill going on. My emotional

feelings switch is off... maybe the doctor prescribed too much of a good

thing. I didn't have any revaluations in life so far. I feel like myself minus

emotions which is probably a good thing and may be from stress or from

medication..circumstances? My mind wanders always..it's fun though to

do that to escape any stress. =) Please stay going strong..


Good luck to all of you. Anti D's usually kill feelings unfortunately. I was on them for years but decided I would try and cope without. I now "feel" and can even cry again. Hit a low spot when my RLS was happening every day, afternoon, evenings and even 4 hour shifts during the night!!! Thank goodness I too am about 85% better and long may it continue. Nice to know there are people out there who understand. My family call it 'mad woman disease" even though my eldest son (a doctor) has started showing symptoms. Fingers crossed for him xx

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I was on the regular Paxil for a lot of years. I could feel but it

was a dull version of emotion. This Organic type is making my

feelings switch stay off...it's very hard to get angry. It doesn't

allow the adrenalin to produce as normal.. My personality

is more playful and fun so I was told.. I thought I was fun before

but apparently not.. = D


Hi Dragon

So pleased for you that you are feeling much better. Good that you feel "normal" again. ;) :)


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thankyou x


Cicek ....I havent really found that anti d`s kill my feelings at all. I no longer obsess about things out of my control. I seem to be able to step back from situations and look from the outside at the whole thing, then i can see things as they really are , not what my head tells me. I`m calmer, more able to listen and feel for real if that makes any sense.


thedragon, the obsession thing was my control. It's gone as you said... It gives

me that little pause before I react to anything negative. It does stop me from

saying and thinking things that I used to regret... no more bitchy days ever.. I

just go with the flow and ignore the bad stuff...but I can't feel any sadness either..

which will have a price to pay later if I ever have a breakthrough or have to

get off the medicine.


I'm so pleased you all seem to be managing your Depresion and wish and hope everyone feels better in their lives I'll keep ever think crossed for you all. Missymaz.


Depression was Severe Panic Attacks. Kept me a prisoner

in my own home for a long, long time. Paxil, Organic Paxil

is a God -Send to me..a prayer answered.


It seems most of us suffer Depresion. I colapsed at work with exsaustion due to overwork and lak of sleep because of medical reasons ended being sighned off work. II didn't leave my home for two years, stayed in my room for most of the time. Couldn't afford to be off work any longer so got back to work with a lot of lying. As soon as I get home am straight back in my room. So much pain with coccydynia, arthrytis, phibromyalga and RLS. (Can't afford to take any more time off). I cry befor I go, sneak to the loo for a cry, so released to get home but cry most of the night. Have though and investigated ways of ending it all, am seeing a couceler but have canceled a couple of times, she is nice and helping me fight my corner cos she belives the medical professionals have failed me. I'll get there one day. Everyone out there I feel for each and every one of you and wish you all the luck with this awfull illness. Missymaz.


Missymaz, I am getting really angry with those UK doctors over there.

They are under-treating your pain and there is no excuse for it..

Lack of sleep can amplify the amount of body pain and raise your blood pressure,

your sugars and really do a number internally. If that stuff shows up, I don't

know how a doctor could send you away with less than a medium dose of

narcotics to give you the rest that you need. The doctor did fail you..

Please Get Fed Up with your nagging pain.. call that doctor today and you tell

him that 90% of your life is coping with pain, physical pain! Tell him that bed

is the only place that you get some relief from pain. Ask him to prescribe you

some hydrocodone or oxycodone...not something like tramadol or Ultram.

Beg him/ her for a 30 day trial.. 3 pills a day seems about right.

Now that we have that settled. Secondly, you do need to talk to someone and

the safest person to talk to is that councilor. I had to do it, numerous people on

here had to do it. Even if it doesn't work, you can say that you tried and move

on to other treatments.

If your doctor doesn't give you some medicine..let Ellise know and she will go

kick some butt over at that doctor office..and if the doctors are too tough for

her, thedragon will blow some heat on them. =) There is a strong light at the

end of that tunnel of pain.. there are so many drugs that the doctor can choose.

Don't be afraid of addiction either..people who take narcotics for real pain don't

generally get addicted..normal people don't desire the side effects with tired

being the first.



HUFF PUFF PUFF!!!!!! hot enough????

I didnt have to breath too heavily on my doctor.!!! I find younger ones are much more open to patient led treatment. Mine admitted that she didnt know much about RLS and made me make another appointment so she could go home and study!!!

I dont know if it is the same for anyone else, but my mum was of that generation where THE DOCTOR was GOD! Your life was totally in their hands and one didnt question anything! I wouldnt be suprised if she didnt curtsey on her way out of the surgery!!!

I still have that little parental voice telling me not to question ar disagree, but I am getting better! I feel much more confident when I go in armed with info from here and elsewhere. she doesnt always agree but we usually sort it out ,,so far.

Can you see another doctor in your practice mizzymaz? or a locum?


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