I'm back in ..... thank ya Jesus!

I think my ban has been removed. I'll know in a second when I try to post this.

If so, it's me dwimble under my new account newman1

If I am in fact back in, thanks to the admin for using some common sense, and especially to thedragon and tallulah for their incredible support and amazing persistence to unright a wrong.

Here we go .... <enter>

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  • Hello Sir. Good to see ya!

  • Glad to be back!

  • Yes. I was sent a notice from the admin.

  • Well, then, I assume that we can now have an open and honest discussion and trade ideas about your web site. You have added a TON of stuff lately. Trying to keep up. I started studying the glutamate connection a few months ago. One thing I have to say is that glutamate does not contain gluten. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, barley, oats. A glutamate is a salt of glutamic acid, and is an amino acid found in many proteins. Glutamate is the hyperarousal transmitter (why some of us have insomnia even if our legs are "quiet". Gaba is the "calming" neurotransmitter. So, see, I have been studying it! ;)

  • Tom Otomcio posted a couple messages on my Facebook page with info about "Selenium" as being a helpful supplement for RLS sufferers. I've only done some brief research but it turns out to be a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It has also proved in studies to help balance out high glutamate levels, which helps bring on a better sleep. It's very hopeful stuff!

    Here's Tom's message:

    Selenium prescription in daily recommended dose of 50 μg instead of a dopamine agonist would be an alternative treatment in improvement of RLS symptoms."


    "glutamate targets the mitochondria and selenium supplementation within physiological concentration is capable of preventing the detrimental effects of glutamate on the mitochondria. Therefore, adequate selenium supplementation may be an efficient strategy to prevent the detrimental glutamate toxicity"


  • Cheyg it oud


  • I have just looked up Selenium, and its side effects, it doesnt sound like something i would want to take.

  • The side effects are only if it's used in excess as far as I can see. What side effects did you read about?

  • Selenium toxicity is highlighted in every paper or study about it. We usually get enough selenium in our diets. ( WEBMD) Any more than 50 mc can cause side effects, and if taken in higher doses, can lead to all kinds of side effects, just as bad as dopamine meds. It can even be bad for your kidneys. Also, interactions with drugs, cholesterol meds, antacids, band the blood thinners, barbituates, chemo drugs, and lots more (www.medline.com and the Mayo clinic web site) Oh, and the best one is it can interfere with your birth control meds. Yoweee! So, like iron, never, ever self medicate because of something you read on the internet. selenium toxicity can kill you, literally, and cause nerve damage, just like iron overload. Oh the other side effect is fast hair loss from too much selenium. That is what I know, I gave you web sites, and it is easy enough to google Selenium toxicity. that study was done on 60 people, and only means that lost more studying needs to be done. I am glad you brought this subject up, because as one can see, one study does not make a cure, or an "Absolute CURE" as someone's web site says. The inflammation thing is all very interesting, but even DR. Weinstock says ( yes I read the whole report) at the end of it in "conclusion", that this is all theory and there needs to be much more studying done, and I agree. No one can say for sure that his study says he has the "absolute CURE" for RLS. I am assuming everyone here discussing this have looked at the Absolute Cure web site and at least read some of it, for it is dwimble/newman1's web site. It is all very interesting theory, but not an absolute cure. You can't possibly call it that in all seriousness, even though you have that as the name of your web site for years and years, at least a decade. I even agree with some of the stuff you say, BUT, it is still just theory, so I am willing to call his paper exactly what he calls it, "theory", not a cure. You know how most of us feel about the word "cure". Can you not use "treatment" or something else? Well, no, because the Absolute Cure sounds better, and it is noting but a compilation of web sites and papers that fit your theory, so that is fine. we all have one. And my theory is kind of mixed up with yours to a point. My theory is about neurotransmitters and the "excitability of spinal fluid". I have always felt , and I am not the only one, that my RLS starts in my back and nothing can change my mind from that , so in part your theory is like mine, except I would NEVER use the word cure, especially when the authors of the paper say it is all "theory". For those of you who want to read that part of it, go to wimble's web site and read Dr. Weinstock's paper if you have about 5 hrs to kill. He says and I quote-" The data available should only be considered as indications for future research" .

  • Thanks for the Selenium toxicity info. That's good to know.

    The rest of your post isn't worthy of a response.

    If you have an issue with any of the data on my website, let me know. But be specific.

    Rambling on about who Doctor Weinstock is connected with is a waste of time. All researchers are connected to some drug oriented source. Where do you think they get their research funding? From their parents?

    And please be clear about this ... I couldn't care less whether you agree with the name of my website or not.

  • The Chair of this forum has said in a comment, that there is not a 100% "cure" as you are saying, he said as we always say, what works for one, doesnt for another. We are allowed to give our opinions on here, just as you are doing. I also do not agree with your "Absolute Cure" title.

  • I was pretty specific, quoting the doctor, who says it is "all theory". And, you should have looked up info on Selenium before you posted the information from "Tom". It is the responsible thing to do.

  • Here's some people that have followed an anti-inflammatory way of life.

    They were will to make the changes that were needed.


    There are many more to come and the rise in chronic inflammation becomes more mainstream.

  • All bans from my Facebook page were released recently.

    I still have the posting from your Yahoo Group that talks about you and your cohorts attack on my Facebook page a couple years ago. Let me know if you'd like me to post that.

    Stuff like that fuels my passion to help those that want to be helped. It makes me try even harder

    As long as people keep getting back to me with positive results and wonderful stories of a sound sleep for the first time in years, I'm going to keep at it.


  • take this discussion to private msgs. This is taking up too much space and time in this support group. I have all the emails you sent me, too. But, you cannot post emails from my group on another web site. Bad form, and it violates the rules. Copying and pasting posts from other closed groups is forbidden. Whatever was said back then, I do not back down from it at all, because you were all about selling a book back then. The word cure is the problem. NO one can claim that.

  • Please can I ask that any discussion relating to another forum or page is kept off of this forum.

  • I took it off group.

  • i cant comment on his page either, and he doesnt know who i am !

    Just so you know that your not deliberately blocked because of who you are

  • Please can I ask that any discussion relating to another forum or page is kept off of this forum.

  • Hi Tallula

    There's a list of banned people in the Facebook admin area. "Nightdancer" and all of her friends were recently unblocked (I had to block them all a few years ago after they invaded my page with negative comments). There should be no reason for anyone not to be able to post? Could you try again. There may have been a glitch of some kind.

  • no, I cannot, but I only wanted to reply to Tom. This conversation has to stop or go private. We are way off the support topic now.

  • Please can I ask that any discussion relating to another forum or page is kept off of this forum.

  • FYI just eating 2 Brazilian nuts a day provides 100% of the Selenium

    that your body needs.

    Very good sources of selenium include salmon, scallops, chicken, eggs, shiitake mushrooms, lamb, barley, grass-fed beef, and turkey. Tuna, Cod are acceptable.

    I would strongly prefer food sources of this nutrient over pills.

    So... True or False claims, these foods are excellent for the body!

  • exactly! 2 Brazilian nuts are enough.

  • I have tried to post 'Please can I ask that any discussion relating to another forum or page is kept off of this forum' on a number of the comments above but it has not always appeared where I had intended it to. In short, if you are discussing another forum, please stop immediately. This forum is not a place for arguments or discussions from other forums or pages to be reignited. For the record, by 'page' I mean any type of online discussion forum, not internet pages generally.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Understood. I apologize for the disruption.

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