Why was dwimble banned or restricted from this site for allegedly trying to sell something ? I and others found the information he was giving really interesting. And at no time has he tried to sell me anything! Is it not for to members to make their own minds up anyway even if he was? .. How would it be any different to someone recommending a book or copper bracelets or magnesium tablets which we would have to pay for? On all his sites there is no mention of money..just good advice

Or is it the fact that his advice is not medication related?

Does this site not allow for freedom of speech and personal choice any more?

He sends his regards to all who were interested in his posts!!

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  • not fiar, i agree with The dragon, if he's restricted or banned then so should the person trying to sell the copper bracelets's totally unfair

  • But his post is still on here, so anyone can still look if they want too.

  • yes but he cant get on the site at all, and yet the copper bracelet person can, its so unfair

  • Oh right. i guess Admin, are the ones to ask why...

  • do you not think it unfair the he is banned and sjarvo isnt, they were doing the same thing really

  • Well, i know this wont go down well. But, i dont think either should have been allowed on here. Just my opinion.

    The only ones who know why he has been banned or restricted is Admin. They must have a reason.

  • so we are not allowed information for us to make our own decisions on what might help us...thats not support in my mind!

  • and it's unfair to ban him and not the other one, talk about bias !!

  • out of interest..why do you think either should not have been allowed on the site?

  • His post is still on here, as i said, all the info what you need you can still see.... Maybe he wanted to post something, that Admin didnt like.. Who knows...! Only Admin.

  • I do have to say that the Admins must have had a good reason, and they did. It is not like they ban someone every day. I agree no one should be selling anything here ever at any time. That has to remain a strict groups rule where I come from or we run into all kinds of issues. The Admins do not have to tell us why. I trust them.

  • dwimble was NOT selling anything!!!!!!!!!!

  • The reason I was banned (I'm now newman1 .... no longer dwimble) is because I created a link to an article on my website that stated (with lots of proof) that RLS is a symptom, not a disease. It's a symptom of chronic inflammation.

    That's the only reason I was banned. I wasn't trying to sell anything. I have nothing to sell. There are not even any affiliate links or ads on my website. So, this whole idea of me selling something is completely untrue.

  • Perhaps if there is a "grey" area with any possibly rule breaking post, the Admins could put some kind of disclaimer or warning or something on the dubious posting?

    And where there is uncertainty or a first infringement of a rule perhaps a warning might be sufficient?

  • Hello All,

    I would appreciate if this conversation could now be brought to a close.

    To my recollection, RLS-UK have only ever once banned an individual from this site. This was a long time ago. We have occasionally restricted individuals, which is completely different from a ban and usually just a temporary measure, often to allow us more time to consider the motives (if any) of an individual.

    I feel the individual in this case has made their point, as have a number of other people and we are once again losing focus on the purpose of this forum.

    We promote open, honest discussion on this forum. I completely and absolutely refute any claims that we are biased. This is a particularly unfair accusation and should be completely withdrawn. It has been inferred in some comments (some of which have now been deleted or edited) that RLS-UK has previously been biased, which again is untrue. If any forum user has actual evidence to prove this, we would be more than happy to be challenged.

    Our decisions will not always be to everyone's taste. We do not allow promotion of products which claim to 'cure' RLS on the forum (although we should encourage discussion on these matters) and therefore have a duty to you, our members, to check out any such claims. In return we would appreciate your patience and understanding. We are only trying to help and to protect the RLS community on HealthUnlocked.

    Please remember, a 'solution' that works for one person may not work for everyone else. There is no 100% guaranteed cure for RLS for everyone - this should not mean however that we do not discuss the claims of those who believe they have found a solution. It is only through discussion and respectful debate that we can inform, help and educate each other.


    Daragh, Chair RLS-UK

  • Thank you Daragh, you are only looking out for us on this forum. :)

  • I am absolutely furious about some recent comments from forum members. Some of you expect us as Administrators to ban or restrict all sorts of things, and when we do, for very good reason, we are accused of acting inappropriately. Do we need to go to you each time to explain what has happened and get your agreement before taking action? I am spending time on my holiday (more fool me) responding to this to put the record straight as I am not going to allow Dwimble to make a mockery of this site.

    I restricted Dwimble last week for three reasons:

    -he posted a link which I felt was likely to cause offence (‘Your RLS is not a disease. It's a blessing in disguise’). I deleted it.

    -the post contained a link to a website which included an advert for a document promising a 'cure' for $30. I sent him a detailed message explaining that we did not permit advertising and that this was why he’d been restricted. He denied knowledge of the document and there is now no reference to it on any of his sites. His website and related sites may or may not contain useful information but the advert made me feel he was using them as a vehicle for promoting this document. Being restricted means that someone can still view the site but not post comments or send personal messages under that user name. Also, their previous posts remain visible (if they have not been deleted). Unsurprisingly, Dwimble used a new user name to get round this. We restricted Dwimble and sent him a note explaining why so that he was aware of the rules of the site. These are the procedures we follow if anyone breaks the rules. If despite the warning, users continue to break the rules, then we may decide to ban them which permanently blocks the user from all of HealthUnlocked, erases all the content already posted, and blocks the user from signing up again

    -On 5th Aug he posted on our forum ‘A list of remedies that will lessen your RLS’ and a link to his website and then on the 9th Aug he posted ‘Your RLS is not a disease. It's a blessing in disguise’ also linking to his website. I felt that to have two posts for the same thing in the same week was a bit much. Clearly he has absolute confidence in his beliefs but I do not want our forum to be his soap –box. (ie, platform for him to repeatedly express his views and dominate the forum). As the RLS Chair said, we are open to different views but we will not support advertising or selling.

    In response to the comments about the halcyon bracelets, when I first became aware of the bracelets, I spoke to the lady selling them and explained she couldn’t advertise them on the forum – which she didn’t. I felt she genuinely wanted to help people with RLS. Since then, I have been passed information which makes me question that but she hasn’t broken any forum rules.

    Can I remind everyone that the Administrators are volunteers (and RLS sufferers) and we do this role as we feel passionately about supporting sufferers and sharing information. We are trying to ensure that the forum remains a useful tool for everyone and we can't please everybody all of the time. No doubt, if I hadn't deleted his post and restricted him, some users would have complained. I find it very disheartening that I spend my time putting my heart and soul into this forum, and a huge amount of time,(as do the other Administrators), sometimes at the expense of my family, and yet some users have no qualms about publicly criticising what we do. I am often sleep deprived - same as other users - and still do this role. If the Administrators didn't do this role, the site would turn into a free for all. I have had several occasions when I have been close to resigning from the role as I have been so fed up with the petty arguments, the stress of this sort of issue, and the amount of time the role has taken up. I'm still here as I still believe it is a very good forum and I think it would be a great shame if it wasn't, but I am only human and am only willing to tolerate so much.

    Rosie Vice Chair RLS-UK

  • My opinion for what is worth....is....dwimble WILL try to dominate this forum with his believes, which why i didnt want him on here. He already posted his website for all to see, if anyone wanted to go down his road of the Absolute Cure then they had all the information at hand. So, why does he want to stay on here now. He has a website and facebook page, so anyone who is interested can go to it. I expect i will get hit by comments on what i have said.

  • Rosie

    I don't know what document you're talking about? Everything I've learned about RLS is freely available on the website. There is no extra document or book available at any price. People from this forum that have visited my website will verify that I wasn't selling anything.

  • No mention of websites or website link allowed?

    How do we get around copyright if I can't give credit where

    credit is due? = O

    Or am I going in too deep now? Getting too technical?

  • "I don't want him on here"....not even worth a comment .....disgraceful!

  • Seconded!

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