The despair of restless legs.Is there any help out there for this disease

This is my 3rd in ght without sleep and I can hardly stand. I am currently on Neupro Patches (4mg) but will have to stop them as my skin is erupting in blisters and angry red patches.Looks as though I will have to go back on to Pramipexole which didn't work you can tell I am in a moaning mood and finding it difficult difficult to get on with my day.If it wasn't for the sympathetic ear I can rely on from friends I n the co mmunity I don't kn ow what I would do. sorry to depress y ou all as I realise their are people much worse off than me.Take care and have many good nights sleep wise. Be st Love. X

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  • hi

    i was on patches same as you worked for me for two weeks then all hell broke loose with RLS took few day get out my system sounds like you gettin reaction to the patches like i did ,

  • Like u I had Abadan reaction to the patches and am now off them and back to Pramipexole.As yetno difference in my sleeping but I live in hopes. You take care and thanks. Kindest regards

  • Sending you hugs conchita....I think a few people on here are having a rough time of it at the moment.....we can't let this beat us....stay strong everyone hug!!!!!

  • <<<GROUP HUGGIES>>> think we all need them

  • This is great. All these hugs make me feel better already a nd yes we must all stay strong because their will be a breakthrough in this drug ve ry soon. Sending you a hug so here goes

  • yep group hugs is in order today, im struggling with everything today

  • I have every sympathy with you because the nights are so long when you can't sleep but feel so tired

  • Conchita, you have my sympathy also, i feel for you because the RLS is terrible bothering you, nights without sleep is depressing, lots of hugs for you en strength!!

  • A friend suggested that I try " Laminine Supplement " for my restless legs and I did. And now I can sleep.. No creepy crawly" feeling anymore. :)

  • Thanks for that Am going to try it and will run it past the Pharmascist.Itis really good to have the support of the group

  • I'm glad that it worked for you Amwaj... My sister bought me

    it hoping that it would help me. I brought it into my doctor who

    told me that it won't. He told me that if there was a product

    that actually worked, it would make headline news. It would

    be on the front cover of the newspaper... = /. Needless to

    say, the bottle is on my vanity un-opened.

  • im the same , we dont mind a moan , we understand , email me if u would like too , just leave me a message , we need help

  • I'm pretty low's 5:24am I was stuck on a night working

    schedule that I made for myself at home. = / I started up with RLS

    about 2 hours ago and it's severe enough that I am considering

    taking narcotics again. When my cousin gave me one, it worked

    amazing for me... I gave them up some time ago...they were causing

    me all kinds of problems. I became immune to them. I took more than

    prescribed - I needed to so my legs would settle down.

  • Honest Ladies and Gentlemen, I do need a hug. I am not feeling the

    love in my household tonight. Everyone is sleeping in peace, NOT ME.

    I'm thinking that with lack of iron, I should be out with my fangs (vampire)

    I'm disgusted tonight. This schedule is getting old very fast.

  • Sending hugs to you from across the pond, hope you are catching them.... :) I also didnt sleep last night, at all and i have a cold that is making me feel like rubbish. :(

  • Oh -The dreaded cold..What a bummer. Well Wishes

    sent back immediately! =) Feel Better.

  • We could do with a RLS dating website. If you are both awake all night and need to keep active, well.

    If only one of you is awake at least the other will understand. If you both need to go to bed during the day it will be more convenient and give the neighbours something to talk about.

    Of course, if you are young none of the above applies.

  • Hahhahaha Ahahahahah.. yep. =)))

  • Wonderful idea, but my wife isn't too happy with

  • Sending you lots of love and hugs Yikes, every day x x x x

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