Restless Legs Syndrome
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Restless leg only behind the knee of one leg, nowhere else? Just me?

Hi all.

I've signed up here as enough is enough. I have a strange sensation behind my right knee, it's been there for as long as I can remember (im now in my 30's) but doesn't stick around. It comes and goes. Sometimes I can go weeks or months without any problems, then I'll be stuck with it for a few days or week etc.

It's driving me insane, when I lie in bed I cannot keep this one leg still for more than a few seconds. It constantly needs to be on the move, but it prevents sleep and can be very very annoying.

I've always assumed it to be RLS, however I'm somewhat unsure now as I read the symptoms and what others have and they appear to all have it much more severe than me! They have it on both legs, the arms, all over the place and describe tingling etc.

With me it's just the one area, a very tiny area, but with huge problems. I've also noticed that this particular are clicks every time I stand up after kneeling down. Connected? No idea.

So I am now confused.

What home remedies can I do to help!

Any help would be hugely appreciated.


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Sounds like RLS to me. Even though limited to one area. Sounds like its getting worse. The other thing is, you might have a Baker's cyst. They are harmless but can be unpleasant. It might be time to see a doctor. I assume you've read all the caveats here. But might get lucky, but you might have to search for the right doctor. Maybe a neurologist who specializes in RLS. They're few and far between. If you haven't already, join the RLS Foundation. It's only $35 or $40 a year and the very best source of information about RLS, local support groups, topical webinars. A private chat room for members,as well as a list of doctors by location, that others have found helpful.

Best of luck to you, surely,



That's exactly the same as me - behind the right knee - need to move but no tingling or pain. I take Lyrica: 50 mg at 18.00 to get me through the evening and 100mg at bedtime to get me through the night. That mostly works but if I get breakthrough, I take 2 codeine/paracetamol tablets and massage behind my knee with ibuprofen gel.

Hope that helps.


Sorry, meant to say - no home remedies worked.


The irresistible urge to move indicates restless legs. However , the single acute site might be more . You really should get that checked out. Also keep a pain diary-what do you do / eat etc before the pain episode. There may wellbe a relationship.



I have had RLS for years many tablets I have been climbing the walls but now they have but. Me on iron tablet and Rapinirol and they worked so far all the best Tony


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