Restless Legs Syndrome

RSL restless leg syndrome every time i drink aspartame, anybody else?

I have suffered from RSL since my early teens, it has been characterised by intervals of waves of pain that seem to run down the inside of my legs, that can only be relieved by moving, tensing, or jolting my leg in some way. I have experienced these symptoms on and off for the past 20 years. Recently, i noticed a connection between drinking diet coke and my RSL. Every single time i drink diet coke in the afternoon/ evening, i get Restless leg syndrome flaring up.. It does not happen when i drink coffee, so there is something else in diet coke that is contributing to its onset.

I know this is not scientific evidence, but given that the scientific method really only gives the most likely hypothesis in a controlled environment that is targeting this very question, i personally know what is happening in my body.

If anybody drinks aspartame and suffers from restless leg syndrome, try and omit it from your diet, and see what happens.. Do some of your own scientific research. it might help. If it doesn't help, hopefully you can find the toxin that is triggering this reaction in your body. My guess is that there are a bunch of different substances that trigger this condition so a careful targeted approach to omitting different toxins might yield good results for you..

any comments please go ahead..

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Caffeine doesnt seem to bother my RLS, altho i only have two coffee's in the morning, never in the afternoon or evening. I never drink diet coke, as i dont drink any fizzy drinks. There can be lots of triggers and yes its good to find what MIGHT make ones own RLS worse. Caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, sugar can be big triggers for some, as can non food or drink, as in exercise, which too much can also be a trigger. Extreme heat or bitter cold, are another two that some notice can also make things worse. So, its not always food or drink.

Such is the weird world of living with RLS.

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Coke does not affect my Rls but Chinese and Indian food make my legs go berserk! X


Brilliant post Lendvey....aspartame does have a lot of nasty side effects. I did some study and was shocked to see all the problems it causes. So as a trigger for rls ....I'm not surprised. I try to avoid it whenever possible but it seems to get sneaked into loads of stuff.

I haven't found any food or drink that affects my rls yet...really pleased you have found a culprit for you!!!!!


Wow, we are all so different! I find dairy, caffeine and wine really affect me and lately I've noticed that fatty food can set me off (bang go the fish and chips!). However, unlike bvlgari Chinese food seems ok. My kids reckon I'll be living on fresh air soon!


Yep...It's really crazy how we are all so different...I can drink the high caffeine very bad for you energy drinks and it makes no difference....when my rls was infrequent, I used to live on coffee and could fall asleep no problem!!!!


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