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Alcohol craving o.O

Hi Guys,

I have been on the full dose of ropinirole for just over one month now, and have noticed that i am starting to crave alcohol.. Really badly !!

Im not a big drinker... normally a couple of glasses of wine on a Friday night, but at the minute all i seem to want is acohol to the point its driving me crazy. These cravings are getting worse almost to the point of feeling like an addict in withdrawl..

The requip is the newest addition to my cocktail of daily meds, so all i can assume is that it is this medication.. Does anyone else have uncontrollable, intense cravings ? How do you manage to subdue or ignore them ?

Tina x

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Gosh...that is my worst fear of the drugs. Being a recovering alcoholic I just couldn't handle that. All I could suggest from my point of view is stop taking the drug....


Its good you know whats happening.... you need to see your doctor and say what is happening. I dont think you will be able to control need to get off the requip...!!!


If you don't mind me asking, what is the "full dose" of ropinirole? I just started taking mirapex last week (.125 mg for 5 days, now on .25 for 5 days, then supposed to go up to .5 mg for 5 days) and I'm worried about getting one of those uncontrollable impulse side effects. I think I've already started to eat a lot more since I've been on it, but that could just be in my head. Anyway, I'm sorry to hear that side effect is kicking in for you after being on it for a month. I was hoping that after a certain point, we'd be "in the clear" - but I guess that's not the case. I hope you can get off the requip without too much trouble. Good luck!


ookla only increase the dosage if you need to, the lower the dose if it takes care of your RLS, the better.... not everyone gets impulse side effects. Lots of people find they eat more and put weight on. I am taking pramipexole, i only take 2 of the .125mg but sometimes add a little extra, up to 1/2 of a .125mg. The highest dose of ropinerole is 4mg recommended for RLS.

I think i am one of the lucky ones who hasnt put weight on, but i eat low fat meals, and munch on low fat cakes, that i make myself, when i feel more hungry than normal.


I don't want to increase the dosage, but the pramipexole isn't working for me at .2mg - so I should probably do the increase as the doctor prescribed before complaining that it's not working and asking to try something else. Although, I'm not really sure what else there is to try.


i do not know of if is due to Ropinirole (or the plethora of other drugs that I take) but since starting Ropinirole I have noticed that I am consuming far less alcohol to the extent that some times I find the thought of having alcohol quite repellent.

Maybe I should try stopping a drug to see what changes I notice. Then restart it and stop another one to see what that one does ??


Or just stay as it is.... who needs alcohol anyway... just saying. :)


Does pramipexole build up in the system? Do you have to take

it for several days/ weeks before you feel the effects?


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