International Consensus Criteria

Disclaimer: This questionnaire does not replace the full International Consensus Criteria (ICC) document or the primer. It is based on the symptoms of the criteria and should not be used as a substitute for medical advice from a licensed medical professional. This document is for informational purposes. Consult a physician experienced in diagnosing ME. It is important to evaluate for other diseases before assigning a diagnosis of ME (ICD code G93.3).

6 Replies

  • Confirms my diagnosis that pre-dates the writing of these more stringent criteria

  • Better description than fatigue for six months.

  • Use this criteria for research selection so we know what is under investigation.

  • I've known for some time that I fit the criteria in this diagnostic definition.

    I wish the medical community worldwide would adopt this criteria for ME. We badly need consistency of research.

  • Using this criteria or Canadian consensus criteria as the minimum links with international research in ways the fatigue for six months Oxford and watered down NICE criteria proposed for MEGA cannot.

  • It certainly does. And that is one of the main reasons I am against MEGA. In its' current format it is only yet another study of general fatigue.

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