Mitochondrial Research

A blood test showing energy production explanation of fatigue

A simple test displaying unplugged/flat batteries feeling I have described for years as we all have no doubt meeting blank expressions.

Medical Research Council have identified six key areas for research

1 Autonomic dysfunction

2 Cognitive symptoms

3 Fatigue (mitochondrial dysfunction)

4 Immune dysregulation (eg through viral infection)

5 Pain

6 Sleep disorders

6 Replies

  • PEM (post exertional malaise) crash 24 - 36 hours after activity belong with mitochondrial dysfunction if research understands chemical operation..... and I hope they do because confusion takes a strong grip very rapidly for me.

    For any brave souls that wish risking grey matter

    Thanks ringading subject has piqued my interest again.

  • Risked the grey matter on a technical description that had some long words that would be high scoring in scrabble.

    Suitably chastened I will fall back and regroup while considering acid effects on neurotransmitters.

  • Progressive damage on neurotransmitters ?

  • Insufficient research for that conclusion please send more research funding as they say.

  • Like research priorities :-)

  • Thanks for sharing this. I had missed it. I guess I was just somewhere else mentally during the last month or so.

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